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Espers Mining sub-pool

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send me a zeromail or comment for more info, together we can increase our Espers faster than alone!

yea i said it. deal with it.

this is some html you can use to share any video you have stored in your sites folder on zeronet! remember to change the values to ones that match your videos file type (mp4's are probably best and smallest size) and your site address. if i wanted to put a video here id paste 1PS42oyyb6Xi8CdsZcXMWRdc3TxyiVbHU3 in place of "YourZeroNetSiteAddress" the random " " that shouldn't be around that < and </ were the only way i could get it to stop displaying a video player and let me show the text

"<"video width="560" height="340" controls>

  <source src="" type='video/mp4; 

codecs="avc1.42E01E, mp4a.40.2"'>


ZeroSite I made demonstrating this

Bitcoin halving

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look for namecoin to pump when btc reaches new highs

is it possible to generate a namecoin web wallet completely contained on a zeronet site minus sending updates to the blockchain.

One Day

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People will post their snapchats tweets and vine on the decentralized web maybe soon. maybe on zeronet with facebook banning pro bernie groups but not neo nazis and twitter "curating" your feed into 100% bullshit or ads. it cant happen fast enough

Tell us your horror stories of mETH addicts