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TPaw Core 4.0

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Core is a design and layout that goes as far back as early 2010.

TPaw Beyond is now TPaw

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TPaw is dropping the Beyond brand on ZeroNet and will remain as TPaw, just like on the clearnet. Was worth a shot. Tales page will be replaced with PupOS on the website as well as a new page regarding the constructed language simply known as "The Language".

TPaw Beyond Website

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Introducing Beyond's new website. The website is based on the TPaw Web template, formally known as Core. The new website will be home of Furry Blue Tales and others while this remains a blog and news dump, of course.

Furry Blue Tales

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Furry Blue Tales is TPaw Beyond's series of visual novels. It takes place in the Zero Tales universe, the alternative universe to New Tales universe. Zero Tales is Zack Casey's in-universe creation. It was created out of boredom and not wanting to hurt the primary universe but still wanting to have some fun.

Zack is a an omnipotent and godlike fox race of fox that watch over the varies universes - however, he isn't the only one with his powers, since much of my inspiration comes from Star Trek's Q, but I'm still working on the justification behind that. He isn't an antagonistic in the traditional sense but his freedom to whatever he pleases in the alternative universe does make him a bit of annoyance.

In the first installment, Zack Casey turns the CaseyWilcox family, a family of fennecs, into Wellwood sergals. He wants to see how they cope with the radical change in species and experience their subculture.

TPaw Tales

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TPaw Tales is a video game about my fursona/character: Tomas Caseywilcox. As well as his brother, Tim, and occasionally his dad, Zack. It's more or less slice of life, although I've kinda hit a writers block with the story. The game itself is a visual novel.

Tales itself is also a canon: New, Old, and Zero Tales. New is what the visual novel is based on, Old is all of Furry Blue DOC, and Zero is for TPaw Beyond. New is for the surface web and the prime canon. Zero is the secondary canon, for Beyond, and also a sandbox. Old is, well, old.

So unless otherwise specified, everything published by TPaw Beyond should be considered under the Zero Tales canon. Everything else will be fleshed out on the Beyond Wiki.


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Beyond is the result of a long standing problem I've faced. Although anyone can create or host a website, it isn't always as easy to maintain, despite how cheap they are to own. It was first convinced in late 2016, early 2017, when I had troubles renewing domain and began to migrate My Simulation, my former Sims community, to

Fragile network

While domains are cheap and renew annual, they require an existing infrastructure, which often requires setting up your server or buying another. Free hosts naturally have catches in order to get you to pay. This requires paying a lot and that website needs a way to cover the costs without going into your own wallet to do so every time. So advertisements or subscriptions tend to be the most economical choice but also leave the user with their own burdens.

A open source project I was once with faced database problems on the forums every now and then. But he can't do anything about it because the forums are hosted on behalf of someone else. My own website, My Simulation, which was a Twitter-like also face it's database problem of it's own. TPaw even used the same software but had trouble upgrading because of the nature of the software required SSH. My friend was the one who hosted me couldn't grant me SSH because he was simply the customer of the real host. The Internet has grown fragile.


So Beyond arouse from the frustrations of these problems. P2P networks do the heavy lifting on behalf of the user and that's what ZeroNet, Freenet and others does for the Internet. Which, in fairness, is what we all want. It's not a radical idea. We go to Wordpress because they're doing the heavy lifting for us. Why not the network? It's only "deep web" because nothing is built around it.

This is Bey0nd

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tpaw_beyond_logo_B.png (427x143)

Beyond for TPaw means "beyond the surface web" and going into the dark web. The name was inspired by Star Trek: Beyond - RIP Anton Yelchin. Your movie was awesome. But Beyond exists as part of a larger group: TPaw Group. All of which exist independently of each other - in theory.

But Beyond itself is a experiment. Run a business (per-se) on a the decentralized web. Where the only thing keeping it up is the users. ZeroNet is by no means mature software but it is advance enough to give it a try: email, social networks, message boards, blogs, ect... TPaw Beyond will provide adult furry entertainment from sex, nudity, to varies comments on society.

So we'll see how this goes.