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i love playing around with ipfs and i love the command line interface of ipfs i also like the fact its p2p but sadly it doesn't have a user base like zeronet and it doesnt really support dynamic updates but its good for making static websites that never change and sharing files with your friends what would be really cool is if they had some sort of message board that uses ipfs

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usually drinking and bloging its not a great idea but for me for some reason it helps clear my head and focus on the subject a little better or at lest makes me feel that way most of the time it leads to improper judgement witch can lead to improper grammar spelling mistakes and revealing info that may be personal and could greatly effect anonymity but overall it can result in a very trashy blog that will alienate all of your viewers or the opposite will happen it depends on what your bloging about but please if you know whats best for your health and safety do not drink and blog unless your like me

hello every one i would like to inform you i have decided to make a zero blog i work most of the time so i wont be able to update this blog very often if you have any questions just send me a zeromail or leave a comment i may warn you i have very questionable politico views and im very anti SJW so if your one of those guys who are very easily offended please do not wine or complain to me about what i wrote was hate speech unless its constructive criticism and don't say i didn't warn you and please do not vex me about it