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I'm aware, one can't compare A and B always, but here are some comparisons:

  - ZeroNet and IPFS   - ZeroNet and twister   - TOR and i2p

Above "comparisons" are still in progress, feel free to share your thoughts...

Please ignore below (testing for suggestion in comments below about how to post urls):   - ZeroNet and ipfs   - ZeroNet and twister   - TOR and i2p

It's been over 4 weeks since mail@zeroverse was launched.

Time for some stats:

There are 139 accounts   (logging in via: 76% zeroID, 24% id@zeroverse) (A)

What people like most is:   - ZeroNet becomes less centralized, and the   - anonymity/privacy

image alt


(A) Interestingly, the zeroID usage is quite high. Probably people try first out what mail@zeroverse is about? Keep in mind, if you log in with id@zeroverse, you can be anonym (see FAQ)

Keep in mind:

  - most of the links go outside of ZeroNet   - the text below may contain text which is not available in the same licence of the blog - before reusing you've to clarify with me. (See also the archive)

I. politics / surveillance II. technology

I. politics / surveillance

"UK's intelligence agencies (MI5, MI6 + GCHQ) spying on everything you do + with only the flimsiest of safeguards in place to prevent abuse, according to >1000 pages of documents published today", "Such mass databases are incredibly powerful for tyrants and represent a level of potential collection and control that would make the Stasi blush." (more)

more UK: "Internet, phone, and tech companies will have to inform the UK government of new products, services, and features ahead of their launch to ensure that they can be subject to surveillance." (more)

"It is remarkable that the German minister of justice did not weigh in on this decision (data retention or not), which I believe was largely influenced by party politics" (more)

Panama papers: "But Bill and Hillary Clinton’s connections to people who have used offshores is fuel for her Democratic rival, Bernie Sanders." (more)

"How could one bank, even one as big and global as JPMorgan Chase, bring down the whole financial stability of the United States?" (more)

"court sided with the convicted terrorist's claims that being held in solitary confinement (for almost 5 years) in the Skien prison violates his human rights under Article 3", Norway has "to pay Breivik's case costs of €36,000" (more)

"A federal court has ruled that the Flying Spaghetti Monster, referred to as “His Flying Noodliness” by fans and followers, is not, alas, the object of a real religion." (more)

II. technology

"it appears that ChainAnchor has a longer-term plan to bribe and coerce Bitcoin miners into only mining transactions from registered users, eventually prohibiting non-registered users entirely." (more)

"ShapeShift released a forensic report today stating direct losses of around $230k" (more)

"Apple products aren’t meant to last a lifetime. The latest iPhone 6s, or even the highly anticipated iPhone 7, will only last for three years tops." (more)

"They are basically screwed until Apple deigns to deliver a patched git unto them." (Remote code execution, git, and OS X: (more)

ZeroNet 0.3.7 rev1232 allows it that you can search in this blog, from your home.

e.g. the search field will show you:

156 results from 3 sites in 0.08sec

I've written now in >6 weeks 66 blog posts, so this new feature will help you find info faster (see also TOC)

edit: April 22 (4 days later): now the search uses 13 ZeroNet sites April 28: 21 ZeroNet sites

You have 2 choices:

  1. the easy way: via clone   2. terminal mode

This blog posting also covers:   3. how to import pages from the normal internet?

1. cloning image alt

  1. click the 3 dots
  2. a menu opens where you select: Clone
  3. in your ZeroHello home will be a new entry starting with: my...

2. manual task

a. Follow the steps from the FAQ: Create new ZeroNet site b. If you don't know what HTML, coffeescript/JS means: start first by creating a simple, static HTML page. That way you know all is fine so far at your side. c. check out also: ZeroNet site development tutorial

3. how to import pages from the normal internet?

Let's say you want to bring your WordPress blog to ZeroNet:

But: Wordpress needs php and mysql. ZeroNet allows only html, js, coffeescript for creating websites.

One solution can be: you could convert a wordpress into static pages and host them then on ZeroNet (see the 2nd way above: terminal/manual mode, you put it all in the specific data dir with the main page being index.html)

Here are places in ZeroNet where you can follow/add friends in your newsfeed (you can also search there):

image alt

  1. friends' blogs   2. email contacts   3. chat users   4. forums

  1. add friends' blogs

image alt

  2. add contacts in your emails (see first and last picture in this tutorial)

  3. see the "user list" from the most active chat

  4. look through the various discussion places and add interesting discussions to your newsfeed, e.g. on ZeroTalk image alt

Please add here your views about:   - "every user has his/her own site" or   - " 'hub' sites that hosts a few 100 users"?

(see the last 2 days' comments first, if you lack time ;-))

ZeroBundle and the ZN source code can be downloaded now from 3 locations.

ZeroBundle: different from the normal download way, you need to click the View Raw or Raw button to download:

  -   -   -

source:   -   -   -

Optional files make sure your readers do not download everything from your site. They will only download (and with that: seed) files they are interested in.

E.g. you show 4 pictures + a link with "more images" Everyone downloads the 4 pictures, but only people who clicked on the link get the other images.


  1. specify the path of the files you want to be optional in content.json, eg.:
"optional": "data/images/.*" 


"optional": "data/mp4.*/.*"

(see the comments below for explanation about these settings) 2. sign + publish

17h have passed since the diff protocol command was implemented in ZeroNet 0.3.6 rev1200.

"In order to greatly reduce the bandwidth usage of ZeroNet, when a change is happening instead of re-transferring the whole file we only send the changed lines to the user."

Keep in mind:    - the master/dev branch is still HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL:      before doing anything, read "Should you upgrade, or not?"    - the diff-feature will only work if 80% of the site's clients/peers are updated to the rev1200 version