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Okay, this night I was in allert mode because of the North Korea thing... They declared their intentions to reduce USA to dush and so Japan.... They also launched a missle that overpassed the Hokkaido island... They also declared their intentions to sink the japan arcipelago and the 4 islands... that's bad...

Is This the start of World War 3?

Is poverty and misery on the next corner? I asolutelly hope not.

Today I thought about things that could break like gas, electricity, petroil and services around the world.. what would happen to great infrastructures like google, facebook, amazon, VPS, nodes that let us to communicate? For sure.. I'm not a fan of some of these but I took them just like an example of things that could end.

I worried also about communications and this enforced my deside to evaluate the IPFS and ZeroNet.. These could one near day be a rare way to communicate and share infos, files, calls, videos..

What do You think about all of this? How bad is It? Is It just a lot of noise? Someone think nothing will happen.. I just hope It but am also in allert mode...

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IPFS helps Turkish Wikipedia

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"On 29 April 2017, Turkish authorities blocked online access to Wikipedia in all languages across Turkey.[1][2] The restrictions were imposed by Turkish Law No. 5651,[3]"

wikipedia refused to modify some pages.. also "190 news organisations have been banned and at least 120 journalists have been imprisoned.."

"[...] At least 127,000 websites are estimated to have been blocked in Turkey, along with another 95,000 individual web pages."

cit. Wikipedia

help turkish people to access the wikipedia pinning It on you IPFS node using this command:

ipfs pin add --progress QmT5NvUtoM5nWFfrQdVrFtvGfKFmG7AHE8P34isapyhCxX

more details here

Has passed a long time since I took my 8 bits away.. so I'm writing about a concern of mine: I am worried about the ZeroNet security.. I mean... Could happen something like bitcoins? Banks are distroying It making bank shares of It.... An entity that want to destroy the network could create an infinite number or webites until saturation.... ZeroNet is based on bitcoins' ~~blockchain~~ technology ~~if I am not wrong~~.... so It could happen!

maybe we should start thinking to an alternative.. till we are in time I mean..

Just worried about It...

Back 2 the VSE

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--- 22 November ---

Yesterday I have opened my favorite computer software after ~2weeks.. I was just going to help a friend with cycles texturing..

Today I'm again at home, I have been almost all these days at my "Sesto Senso" Bar, the one I have opened recently..

--- stopped writing till → 24 December ---

This has been a very long and difficult month with my new barman work..


Finding time to write posts is difficult.. but 2 days ago I stopped for completing that work I left behind more than a month ago. Finished It.. I dedicated myself to the left behind videoclip "Film" of a friend of mine, Carlo Gilardi :)

Many time I thought about writing but I've never done It.. What is curious is that today I've entered ZeroMe and my name was ~~between the most active people on ZeroNet~~ in the score eigenvector centrality depending follows of greatsick xD that made me smile ~~because I've been absent for a while~~ :')


Anyway ~~I'm so proud about It,~~ will force myself to be more and more active so!! ;)

The Dawn of the 2nd/4.

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My entire life is nearly a drastic change..


Since 3 or more, years I switched my life to a workaholic one. But this applies for a non-stop work! I have not to stop in what I am doing, only for coffee breaks.. But in these days I'm switching my entire life studies to a barman one. Everything is changing and can't find concentration to finish my deadlined works.. (I will probably have to apply a discount to my customers for this) This is because of my no-moneys condition, so at the bar I have to work alongside the only worker I can pay for the entire building renovation and this job is stealing an enormous fraction of my day time..

I need to open the bar ASAP because my family's one had to close.. and incomes decreased as much as we are eating only pasta or bread.. and proteins are becoming rarer day by day...

My main studies focused on the musical performing, photography, building engineering and film-making, only on the last years on 3D-modeling and animation. Now I am switching my work life to only barman and 3D-animation. What I will have to probably do is refusing long job requests from any field outside the bar and keeping an eye to the enhancement of the business.. We should conclude that I will work for myself, this is what I ended up with :]

A new era is coming for me, I have just passed my 1/4 of century.. Time for the 2nd one.

pic CC0: music: Silence Await by cdk (c) copyright 2008 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. Ft: oldDog

Italian or English?

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maybe Both!


Since when I was very young I declared war to my mother language.. I didn't like at school and neither talking, because... It is so limitative, i mean... The world speaks many languages but only one is spoke by every nation: English.

So I switched, even if I never been a master in speaking It.. Then It happened. I have been 1 week in a Swedish family and the father of this told me that He never studied the language.. but He was talking It so much better than me. I became curious and asked "How is It possible?" He told me that in Sweden they don't usually have a translation to Swedish for films.. but only for toons! So He learned by watching subtitled films! Back to Italy I started doing the same and my English skill has increased! Cool!!! Now I can understand It so much better but what about talking.. It is so much more difficult.. no way for this, I was in need of exercising!..... For fortune I knew some beautiful people from outside the nation and we started talking :)

My skills increased just a couple years ago, when I joined some classes to the MIT OpenCourseWare.. The main one was thermodynamics! Listening to the teacher and taking notes helped me so much!!! because I was writing, listening and thinking all the same time! Perfect ^_^

So I felt ready to make some YouTube videos in the English language! And I started my actual VemoLink serie and this helped me so much ^_^

But why the title is asking about both languages?

Well.. Currently I'm discovering again my mother language.. and It doesn't sound that bad... not more and the reason behind is probably because of my better understanding of English.. I can now watch at films without subtitles, vlogs, documentaries... I feel ready to... come back to the Italian ^^

But my main language now is confused! Online I should talk in English but in Italy people don't really understand other languages.. so It comes out difficult to talk (online) with people of my country!! For sure I could write longer messages with both translations but tweets have limited characters and I can't make double videos in both languages because of time, so... which language?

My actual solution is to use sometime a language and sometime the other one! Even if It generate a little bit of confusion ^^"

Have You any suggestion for me, fellow blogger reader/writer? :)



I asked on my Telegram channel about this and the confusion raised ahhahaha


pic CC0 by Wikipedia

jumping BTCs

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I missed for a while here on the ZeroNet.. Mainly because of work, It asked for all my computer resources and I left the bundle closed, so then my problems brought me away... I started informing myself about cryptography and search after search, waiting for video renders to complete, I found out what BitCoins were and started deeply studying this crypto-currency, since I decided to open my personal portfolio..... *folioS, hehe.. I took a couple of tests and still have to :)

Unfortunately I have absolutely no money, so I gained BTC for my purposes using micro-payments services, gaining up to 35k satoshis or something similar...

I personally loved the mario way, breaking It's head against a cube, poor mario ^^" They showed me spots and I gained my few BTC, so I quit. fees were getting too much high because of the amount of transactions but when I realized It was too late, It doesn't matter, we are talking about euro-cents, I will shut my computer down for a day and "recover them".

Now my renders are almost finished, so I'm back here and can write this post! But I can see that half the people that were on ZeroNet not longer are.. What is gonna happen? This web is a revolution, why leaving It? Maybe for a MeshNetwork? It could be a reasonable reason! Or maybe they just tried It but then left.. anyway I'm back here and now I'm more informed about current ComputerScience technologies! I've also read a very interesting article about energy revolutions that I immediately print worried to see It take down.. This turned me to think about the ZeroNet and what I was missing leaving It closed for all this time-span..


FraYoshi, .:8 Bits Away.

Breaking: Motivations Wall!

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Our limitations start inside of us.. We want to do things, We have motivations inside that want to explode.. that want to realize that project! And WE KNOW that We have the potential to do It! But ehi.. Katy don't want, Your friends are not excited like You are about that thing.. You want but You limit yourself because of these unreasonable reasons.

Believing in ourself and in what We want to do. Want to Be! This is the motivation able to launch the ball that will break the concrete wall blocking your projects. Blocking w h a t | y o u | k n o w | y o u | c a n | d o |!|

image alt

I'm actually nearly a milestone I set years ago and I'm feeling very strange......... - 8 subscribers to 500 - ~5000 at 10k views

But I'm experiencing many changes in my life, way to do things, work, minds...

It started in a language but evolved in another.. It started as a random sharing but now I'm taking It more seriously.. It was nothing, now I smile watching It :)

Everything raised once I joined YTtalk and started making videos in english, this is the reason why I'm thinking about starting to vlog in this language! My work now is about 3D animations, so my idea is to bring tutorials and short animations to the channel! lowering priority of others..

It's a little different from what I actually do but I'm also not uploading so many videos in this last year, so maybe is not that mess I'm worrying of..

I'm worried about this revolution, I mean.. a revolution scares and this is what I feel right now.. Actually animations and english are 2 things I'm loving and the channel is about me!

I think I Should evolve It as I am.. but so scared too :S

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Going Digital

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AFAIK what really matters about people is what they do, what they are..

I used to be a very active person in the solid world, I used to be almost everywhere and my dream was to be on the spotlight as an actor, dancer, performer.. During the last year something changed, probably because of a relationship but not something I regret.. It made me grow up and someway, change.

I feel my presence on the solid world vanishing, fading away.. by the way, I'm evolving in something like a digital essence more than an human one..

But if this essence is what we are, what my one is? I still have to figure out, but actually...... I'm turning digital.

Watch the video