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Is weird being able to use ZeroNet without Internet connection...

Here is the TED Talk by Simone Giertz - "Why you should make useless things"

IPFS Download Link

Simone Giertz

The zite Mixtape developed (in progress) by Lola allows you to create and share playlists including the Cover, Title, Artist and audio file for each song.

The zite currently do not have a button to do this, but Hey! will love hacking.

You will need ZeroNet port open in order to share your Mixtape

First go to the Demo playlist, you will see an empty zite, that is becouse is not a zite. It is a Mixtape (playlist)!.

Then go to ZeroHello and locate the new Merged zite (playlist) called just Mixtape, locate the cursor over the name, and three vertical points will appear. Click this button and select the option Clone, this will create an empty playlist for you!


The new zite (playlist) will be opened, take note of the address that will look something like 15k39oW3xh8WCrG2mvgC53EcQisHLAqnox.


Now the tricky part, go to the folder where ZeroNet is installed and look for the folder data, inside you will see a lot of folders with names that look like zite addresses, well that is because they are!


Find the folder with the same name as the address of the zite you just created. Inside you will see the data/users folder. Move to some backup folder the content of users.

Go back to ZeroNet and lets rename our Mixtape, click and slide to the left the 0 icon on the up right corner. Locate Title and Description and change accordingly, click on Save configuration.

On the publish section click content.json and then the button Sign and Publish, and then on data/users/content.json and again click the button Sign and Publish (You might see some errors, don't worry, is normal).

Ok, now that the Mixtape is named we need to let the zite know that we are the owners.

Go back to your file system and open the file data/users/content.json and change it to look like the following (don't copy paste!), ignore the some_code sections, the important part is the line }, and below.

 "address": "some_code",
 "files": {},
 "inner_path": "data/users/content.json",
 "modified": 1525634594,
 "signs": {
  "some_code": "some_code"
 "user_contents": {
  "cert_signers": {
   "zeroid.bit": ["1iD5ZQJMNXu43w1qLB8sfdHVKppVMduGz"]
  "permission_rules": {},
  "permissions": {
   "lola@zeroid.bit": {"max_size": 100000}

Finally where it says lola@zeroid.bit change to your own Zeroid.

Now you can go back to Mixtape, click on your Mixtape and you will see the Add button (if you don't see it something went wrong, leave here a comment).


Select a cover image (the size should be 240x196), put the title, description and select the audio file (in a format playable by a web browser, .ogg). Click Submit (more errors might show up, we don't care). Note: the songs are loaded in inverted order, last song loaded will be the first to play.

And you are set! You might need to click the button Sign and Publish on your playlist zite (not the Mixtape zite) to share the changes (not sure)

And to test the zite here is the (probably) most epic Mixtape in the universe: Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 1.


rDany - Current Status

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rDany is a long term Free Software project to build a virtual mentor and companion bot with the goal of helping people reach their full potential. Here is the history of the project, current status and future.


  • rDany started as a project of a simple chatbot, without any clear goal
  • The first version was rule based, with the intention that the community contribute with new rules and answers
  • In the mean time I run a "human in the loop" test where people talking with rDany where actually talking with me
  • Using that data I trained a Deep Learning version, it was available for several months
  • But that version was almost impossible to update


  • rDany now has a goal: to help people reach their full potential
  • To enhance Privacy I decided that it will not be a "cloud" chatbot, but will run offline as an app. Developed in Godot (Game Engine) and C
  • I am writing a script to teach Artificial Intelligence

Near Future

  • rDany should start teaching people about AI
  • It should also work with an Knowledge Base
  • Should be able to draw in a virtual whiteboard

Science fiction has long anticipated the rise of machine intelligence. Today, a new generation of self-learning computers has begun to reshape every aspect of our lives. Incomprehensible amounts of data are being created, interpreted, and fed back to us in a tsunami of apps, personal assistants, smart devices, and targeted advertisements. Virtually every industry on earth is experiencing this transformation, from job automation, to medical diagnostics, even military operations. Do You Trust This Computer? explores the promises and perils of our new era. Will A.I. usher in an age of unprecedented potential, or prove to be our final invention?

Do you trust this computer? Poster

HD: ipfs://QmYbEUfbQTBE2spKdJSTXSaLXfZ5F34SKFkWmyVxHv4x1s

SD: ipfs://QmegspvVatYod2CU3ea9mEbMNY2mowvt4k6yhnffpEQghB

A collection of simple questions and answers, that will be growing over time:

Feel free to request new Answers and Languages

I'm making a video series about rDany chatbot talking with other bots. The results is hilarious. If you like it please subscribe! ( )

You can also contribute with translations:

rDany AI chatbot

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rDany is a free software project with the goal of making an "offline open domain, long conversations generative chatbot".

You can talk with it (alpha version) on: - Telegram: - Kik: - Messenger:

Source code:

Join the Development!

rDany Slack team

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Hi people, I am working on an “offline open domain, long conversations generative chatbot” called rDany, is a free software project, now in an early beta phase. If you are interested on contributing, or just learn more about it join the slack. Request an invitation here: . Bests!