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Changelog: November 8, 2018

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  • Added dark themes for ZeroTalk and ZeroMe, tuned ZeroHello and ZeroBlog based on feedback.
  • Log file got rotated daily, only keep last 5 files
  • Self hosted documentation with new design and lots of improvements: (Thanks to anoadragon453!)
  • Fixed sidebar input fields on mobile browsers
  • Support limiting maximum big file size using --bigfile_size_limit (useful for proxies)
  • Experimental proof-of-work based cert providers: More info
  • Reworked user master key notification, added download as file option. (Thanks DaniellMesquita for ideas)
  • Spawn site announce async with 10 second wait time to avoid stalled site announce loop
  • Added ZeroNet logo for top-right fixbutton (Thanks DaniellMesquita)
  • Css and Js versioning: {site_modified} variable for html files that always got replaced with the "modified" value of the site root content.json or with the current time if "This is my site" is enabled on the sidebar. Issue#1740
  • Remove missing optional files on cloning

Version 0.6.4

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  • Add theme support to ZeroNet sites
  • Dark theme for ZeroHello and ZeroBlog (+ more sites coming soon)
  • Fix peer connecting bug for sites with low amount of peers
  • Update jQuery to latest version (Thx to DaniellMesquita)

dark-theme.png (1240x830)

Detailed info and POC of the "Vacation" sandbox escape bug that was discovered by GitCenter / Krixano / ZeroLSTN 3 weeks ago (fixed in Rev3616+): The Vacation Vurnerability list

Call for help:

  • We are looking for a maintainer for the Android client (ZeroNet-kivy)

Changelog: October 16, 2018

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  • Changes in optional/big file behavior: The pinned optional files won't be removed from download queue after 30 retries and won't be deleted even if the site owner removes it.
  • Fix peer number query on optional files if no optional file downloaded yet
  • Don't remove incomplete (downloading) sites on startup
  • Remove --pin_bigfile argument as big files are automatically excluded from optional files limit.
  • Fix cancellation of optional file downloading


  • Fold menu upwards if it would flow out of the screen
  • Show and manage "Connecting" sites


  • Pin file on Seed button click
  • Add pinned files to Seeding tab

Gave a speech about ZeroNet @ TEDSalon: Society 5.0 NYC

They said the editing/curating takes a few months. I think it went pretty ok, let's hope they think the same way. :)

TEDSalon.jpg (700x465)

As a result of invalid file type detection, a malicious site could escape the iframe sandbox. How to fix: update to ZeroNet Rev3616 or later.

Type: Browser iframe sandbox escape

Applied fix: Replaced the previous, file extension based file type identification with proper one.

Affected versions: All versions before ZeroNet Rev3616

Changelog: September 21, 2018

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  • Translation support for configuration page + hu, zh, pt-br translation (Thanks to DaniellMesquita, tangdou1)
  • Stop site downloading if it reached 95% of site limit to avoid download loop for sites out of limit (Thanks slrslr for report)
  • Add archived_before to user content rules to allow deletion of all user files before the specified date
  • Sidebar optimization and fix opening bug
  • Fix config page custom tracker filed validation (Thx blurHY for reporting)
  • Fix user settings deletion bug when using --multiuser_local (Thanks DaniellMesquita for reporting)
  • Fix blocklist of peers loaded from peerdb (Thanks tangdou1 for report)
  • Fix sidebar map loading on foreign languages (Thx tangdou1 for report)
  • Fix fileGet on non existent files (Thanks mcdev for reporting)


  • Better dashboard items display on small screen (Thx BenMcLean for report)
  • Fix tracker menu ordering on smaller screens
  • Fix followed feeds listing if there were no new items in last 3 days

Changelog: September 6, 2018

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  • P2P time consensus: Detect out-of-sync system time using connected peer's median system time. ZeroHello will display a notification if the difference is more than 30 seconds. You can check your calculated system time difference on /Stats page. (You can compare the result with

  • Database table row stats on /Stats page.

  • Peer reputation save/restore to speed up sync time after startup.

  • Fix peer reputation boost for zero:// trackers.

  • Only allow 5 concurrent checkSites to run in parallel to reduce load under Tor/slow connection.

  • Remove unreachable shared trackers faster if working tracker target reached.
  • Configurable number of target number of shared trackers using --working_shared_trackers_limit
  • Full support fileGet, fileList, dirList calls on tar.gz/zip files.

Changelog: August 28, 2018

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Shared tracker list between users:

New tracker IPs automatically discovered from other users to reduce centralization and avoid the blocking of the trackers.

To start new tracker: Enable the Bootstrapper plugin with opened port, then it will automatically share your client's ip with other users as a possible tracker. (It's only recommended to do this if you have static ip and planning to keep your client running 24/7)

Only the working trackers (successful result in past hour) are shared with other peers and the discovery request done in every 5 minutes until your client found 5 working shared trackers. This feature is also got limited to zero:// trackers only as it more suited for ZeroNet, because it allows multiple sites announce in same request and the storage of .onion addresses.

Other changes (Rev3571):

  • Copy site address with peers link on the sidebar.
  • Zip file listing and streaming support for Bigfiles.
  • Tracker statistics on /Stats page

  • Allow tracker connections to loopback to your client and announce yourself.

  • Reduce the request frequency to unreliable trackers.

  • Fix double announce on new site visit and startup.

  • Fix trayicon compatibility with latest gevent

  • Fix request number counting for zero:// trackers

Decentralized Web Summit 2018

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dws2018.jpg (1000x500)

I will be around San Francisco in the next few days and I'm going speak at Decentralized Web Summit 2018. Hope to see you there! :)

Recent changes:

  • Updated Windows & Mac binaries to latest version
  • Fix browser open configuration element saving bug
  • Load trackers file on startup
  • Fix UDP trackers parsing
  • Force re-announce loading site on refresh
  • Trackers file always relative to executable


  • Fix username highliting


  • ​​​​​​​Add search field

Changelog: July 18, 2018

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  • Dynamic big file allocation: More efficient storage usage by don't pre-allocate the whole file at the beginning, but expand the size as the content downloads.
  • Global tracker stats on ZeroHello: Include statistics from all served sites instead of displaying request statistics only for one site.
  • Support custom proxy for trackers. (Configurable with /Config)
  • Allow adding peers to sites manually: Add peers manually in case of tracker communication fail by using zeronet_peers get parameter, eg.:,


  • You can ignore hosted blacklisted site notification
  • Try to get rid of the graphical rendering of the cog in Config menu item
  • Fix stats error if there is data for no longer existing sites

Changelog: July 11, 2018

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  • New plugin UiConfig: Adds a Configuration page that allow to change ZeroNet settings: Config.png (660x539)
  • Client restart without updating the code
  • Properly save multi-value configuration options
  • Add config page link to loading screen
  • Lines loaded from trackers_file will be appended to trackers list instead of replacing them
  • Fix incorrect behavior when Tor is disabled
  • Fix siteDownload CLI action

ZeroHello * Add notification about hosted blocklisted sites