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Changelog: October 16, 2018

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  • Changes in optional/big file behavior: The pinned optional files won't be removed from download queue after 30 retries and won't be deleted even if the site owner removes it.
  • Fix peer number query on optional files if no optional file downloaded yet
  • Don't remove incomplete (downloading) sites on startup
  • Remove --pin_bigfile argument as big files are automatically excluded from optional files limit.
  • Fix cancellation of optional file downloading


  • Fold menu upwards if it would flow out of the screen
  • Show and manage "Connecting" sites


  • Pin file on Seed button click
  • Add pinned files to Seeding tab

Gave a speech about ZeroNet @ TEDSalon: Society 5.0 NYC

They said the editing/curating takes a few months. I think it went pretty ok, let's hope they think the same way. :)

TEDSalon.jpg (700x465)

As a result of invalid file type detection, a malicious site could escape the iframe sandbox. How to fix: update to ZeroNet Rev3616 or later.

Type: Browser iframe sandbox escape

Applied fix: Replaced the previous, file extension based file type identification with proper one.

Affected versions: All versions before ZeroNet Rev3616

Changelog: September 21, 2018

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  • Translation support for configuration page + hu, zh, pt-br translation (Thanks to DaniellMesquita, tangdou1)
  • Stop site downloading if it reached 95% of site limit to avoid download loop for sites out of limit (Thanks slrslr for report)
  • Add archived_before to user content rules to allow deletion of all user files before the specified date
  • Sidebar optimization and fix opening bug
  • Fix config page custom tracker filed validation (Thx blurHY for reporting)
  • Fix user settings deletion bug when using --multiuser_local (Thanks DaniellMesquita for reporting)
  • Fix blocklist of peers loaded from peerdb (Thanks tangdou1 for report)
  • Fix sidebar map loading on foreign languages (Thx tangdou1 for report)
  • Fix fileGet on non existent files (Thanks mcdev for reporting)


  • Better dashboard items display on small screen (Thx BenMcLean for report)
  • Fix tracker menu ordering on smaller screens
  • Fix followed feeds listing if there were no new items in last 3 days

Changelog: September 6, 2018

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  • P2P time consensus: Detect out-of-sync system time using connected peer's median system time. ZeroHello will display a notification if the difference is more than 30 seconds. You can check your calculated system time difference on /Stats page. (You can compare the result with

  • Database table row stats on /Stats page.

  • Peer reputation save/restore to speed up sync time after startup.

  • Fix peer reputation boost for zero:// trackers.

  • Only allow 5 concurrent checkSites to run in parallel to reduce load under Tor/slow connection.

  • Remove unreachable shared trackers faster if working tracker target reached.
  • Configurable number of target number of shared trackers using --working_shared_trackers_limit
  • Full support fileGet, fileList, dirList calls on tar.gz/zip files.

Changelog: August 28, 2018

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Shared tracker list between users:

New tracker IPs automatically discovered from other users to reduce centralization and avoid the blocking of the trackers.

To start new tracker: Enable the Bootstrapper plugin with opened port, then it will automatically share your client's ip with other users as a possible tracker. (It's only recommended to do this if you have static ip and planning to keep your client running 24/7)

Only the working trackers (successful result in past hour) are shared with other peers and the discovery request done in every 5 minutes until your client found 5 working shared trackers. This feature is also got limited to zero:// trackers only as it more suited for ZeroNet, because it allows multiple sites announce in same request and the storage of .onion addresses.

Other changes (Rev3571):

  • Copy site address with peers link on the sidebar.
  • Zip file listing and streaming support for Bigfiles.
  • Tracker statistics on /Stats page

  • Allow tracker connections to loopback to your client and announce yourself.

  • Reduce the request frequency to unreliable trackers.

  • Fix double announce on new site visit and startup.

  • Fix trayicon compatibility with latest gevent

  • Fix request number counting for zero:// trackers

Decentralized Web Summit 2018

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dws2018.jpg (1000x500)

I will be around San Francisco in the next few days and I'm going speak at Decentralized Web Summit 2018. Hope to see you there! :)

Recent changes:

  • Updated Windows & Mac binaries to latest version
  • Fix browser open configuration element saving bug
  • Load trackers file on startup
  • Fix UDP trackers parsing
  • Force re-announce loading site on refresh
  • Trackers file always relative to executable


  • Fix username highliting


  • ​​​​​​​Add search field

Changelog: July 18, 2018

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  • Dynamic big file allocation: More efficient storage usage by don't pre-allocate the whole file at the beginning, but expand the size as the content downloads.
  • Global tracker stats on ZeroHello: Include statistics from all served sites instead of displaying request statistics only for one site.
  • Support custom proxy for trackers. (Configurable with /Config)
  • Allow adding peers to sites manually: Add peers manually in case of tracker communication fail by using zeronet_peers get parameter, eg.:,


  • You can ignore hosted blacklisted site notification
  • Try to get rid of the graphical rendering of the cog in Config menu item
  • Fix stats error if there is data for no longer existing sites

Changelog: July 11, 2018

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  • New plugin UiConfig: Adds a Configuration page that allow to change ZeroNet settings: Config.png (660x539)
  • Client restart without updating the code
  • Properly save multi-value configuration options
  • Add config page link to loading screen
  • Lines loaded from trackers_file will be appended to trackers list instead of replacing them
  • Fix incorrect behavior when Tor is disabled
  • Fix siteDownload CLI action

ZeroHello * Add notification about hosted blocklisted sites

New version: 0.6.3

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Back from vacation/inactive period (Japan plz never change) :)


  • New plugin: ContentFilter (Replacing Mute) that allows to share and automatically sync site and user blocklist between clients. Sample site that contains 2 blocklist (the format is same as data/filters.json): blocklist.png (1115x562) You can manage followed blocklists using ZeroHello ⋮ > Manage muted users option. The site is cloneable, if you create a blocklist please share it in the comments.
  • Switched to Azure meek proxy as the Amazon one became unavailable.
  • SiteAdd admin API command
  • More secure url sanitization
  • Support downloading 2GB+ sites as .zip (Thx to Radtoo)
  • Support ZeroNet as a transparent proxy (Thx to JeremyRand)
  • Allow fileQuery as CORS command (Thx to imachug)
  • Ignore newsfeed items with an invalid date value
  • Fix sitePublish cli action
  • Fix FireFox websocket disconnect on site download as zip
  • Fix local peer discovery when running multiple clients on the same machine

Changelog: May 1, 2018

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  • Workaround for China's GFW tracker blocking by using Tor meek proxies: If the client detect many failing tracker connection it offers the user to use Tor meek proxies for tracker connection (does not slows down sync speed / file transfers) To enable this feature you have to download the Windows ZeroNet distribution again as tor-meek bridges was not included earlier. (Linux & Mac coming later)

  • Refactored and partly rewritten tracker connection handler part

  • ZeroNet windows distribution now comes with Tor included (with meek proxies)

  • Added site "Download as .zip" backup option to sidebar
  • Better tracker compatibility by using uTorrent peerid and announcing port 1 in case of closed port
  • Fix uploading small files with bigfile plugin (ajax post method)
  • Fix peerPing CLI error reporting
  • Fix CLI command shutdown with ctrl+c
  • Fix high CPU/HDD usage when Multiuser plugin enabled
  • Fix Firefox back button (wrapper_nonce in url)

The previously planned enhanced stats page is a bit delayed as I currently focusing on recent problems with GFW, but it's coming soon :)