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Dark ZeroMe Updated

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All 20-50 of you can stop being annoyed at me now XD

I've finally gotten around to updating Dark ZeroMe to be in parity with standard ZeroMe. Though I still don't have time to implement any of the extras that things like ZeroMe+ have.

You can tell you got the update by the "updated Mar 6, 2017" added next to the logo. Though you might need to clear your browser cache to get it completely working.

As always if you think I've missed anything please let me know.

PS: If anybody knows where is the javascript/css for the slight blue glow when you select the comment textbox, I'd appreciate it. I haven't managed to track it down, though it's probably obvious and I'm just stupidly missing it.


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Sorry about being MIA. I've been busy. Dark ZeroMe is really behind and needs to be updated, hopefully I can do that soon. Though it just shows how robust NoFish's ZeroNet Merger function is when even my outdated version of ZeroMe still functions perfectly fine. XP

Dark ZeroMe Update

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I've brought Dark ZeroMe to parody with the latest ZeroMe update. Major changes include:

  • Image upload support
  • Displaying and distributing other's images
  • Table markdown formatting support
  • Auto load pages

Sorry for the lack of any additional features, like ones in ZM+. Life has been crazy and I've been lacking motivation to proactively do things lately. I should look into that.

ZAlex posted a great guide for using a Proxy .pac file to resolve "Example.bit" and Zeronet hashes without having to preface your Zeronet URLs with all the time. The issue is figuring out how to use that .pac file in Firefox.

  1. Follow ZAlex's guide to create the .pac file.
  2. Open Firefox and then drag&drop the .pac file onto the browser. Firefox should open and display the file.
  3. Copy the file:/// URL displayed in the address bar.
  4. Go to Options--> "Advanced"--> "Network" tab--> "Settings" button
  5. Select "Automatic proxy configuration URL" and paste the file:/// URL of the .pac file. Then press "OK".

Tada! You should now be able to go to .bit URLs like this: zeronetwork.bit, and Zeronet hashes like this: zero/19Bb6RMYZGTDZJduj5q5Zz8uaBgNtHnCeH

Dark ZeroMe

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I now present "Dark ZeroMe"

Please give it a whirl :)

After it asks to merge, simply select your username and wait a bit as it loads. All your ZeroMe data should load and it should operate just as ZeroMe would.

I created this because the white theme of ZeroMe is quite glaring at night, and doesn't look so good when using f.lux. After hearing how ZeroMe is pretty much just a front-end for the hubs that hold all of the actual data, I realized that means anybody can create/modify their own ZeroMe "client". And thus Dark ZeroMe was born! Feel free to let me know if you have any issues.

Welcome to the void

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Don't let the void frighten you...