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Recommended_you should use a maximum of 10 trackers per torrent; It can cause the opposite effect on the client(slow downloads). Choose between connections HTTP or UDP, for each tracker.

Torrents Tracked 2,770,115 udp:// 2 582 145 2,288,494 1,228,989 udp:// 1 222 895 1 212 949 1,190,288 1,178,945 1,177,137 1 144 923


Emule security [Direct download] rename guarding.p2p-> ipfilter.dat,etc

I2P TRACKERS By 0User cer@zeroid.bit recommended: iMule

(!) Asian Movies/Drama sites UPDATE [2017/05/13]
(!) Anime sites UPDATE [2017/05/13]

_recommended_ _secondary_ _Website is down_ _Alexa ranking_

Torrent Search/Search engine/Indexes_General Concept_ multi-tracker index to provide a combined listing of torrents found on multiple other torrent index sites. A BitTorrent index is a "list of .torrent files, which typically includes descriptions" and information about the torrent's content 17Kprofile uploads magnet .torrent 13K profile multiple search engine magnet .torrent 1K multiple search engine magnet .torrent 79K multiple search engine magnet 382 profile uploads magnet .torrent 358K magnet .torrent 2K magnet .torrent LasTracker Index Open Tracker TorrenTo Index RU sites multiple search engine TorrentDownloads 2K profile multiple search engine magnet .torrent BitlordSearch 324K multiple search engine magnet SPANISH multiple search engine magnet Profile multiple search engine magnet magnet .torrent 50K Torrentz Clone Torrentz.eu_Cache Torrentz Web archive 254K multiple search engine magnet .torrent multiple search engine magnet .torrent multiple search engine magnet 11K multiple search engine magnet 4K profile multiple search engine magnet .torrent profile multiple search engine magnet .torrent multiple search engine magnet .torrent multiple search engine magnet .torrent multiple search engine PushBT multiple search engine magnet TorrentSearcherApp multiple search engine magnet Zoozle multiple search engine magnet Torrent Emule Usenet Stream DDL Emutor multiple search engine magnet TorrentRoom multiple search engine magnet NextTorrent FR multiple search engine magnet t411 FR magnet General MagnetDL multiple search engine magnet .torrent CpasBien Index magnet .torrent​​​​​​​ FR

Poor rating PopUps/Result List Ads/Side Ads/Third party apps/Poor results

IsoHunt magnet .torrent QueenTorrent magnet .torrent TorrentZ2 Torrentz Clone MyTorrents multiple search engine UtorrentMui multiple search engine BTdig & Github multiple search engine DHT? AIO Search App multiple search engine TorrentFinder App multiple search engine​​​​​​​

Movies/TV BitTorrent sites may either focus on certain content — Movies.TV/— or may have no particular focus, like Zooqle.

7Torrents profile multiple search engine magnet .torrent MkvCage magnet .torrent magnet .torrent EZTV profile magnet .torrent magnet .torrent MOVIES/TV Index magnet .torrent MOVIES profile magnet .torrent MOVIES profile magnet .torrent profile magnet .torrent MOVIES profile magnet .torrent Index General profile magnet .torrent private profile magnet .torrent MegaTorrentBR POR/EN Magnet Movies General GoMovies Movies streaming General

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Asian Movies / TV Japanese/Chinese/Korean Drama

AvistaZ private profile magnet .torrent AOX private profile magnet .torrent Totoria CH Movies Asian Movies magnet Tosarang & Todaum CH Movies Asian Movies magnet TorrentKing Movies General Asian Movies magnet TorrentKim5 & Kim10 CH Movies Asian Movies magnet mp4ba CH Movies Asian Movies magnet bttt99 CH Movies Asian Movies magnet etorrent CH Movies Asian Movies magnet JoyTorrent CH Movies Asian Movies magnet TorrentWiz CH Movies Asian Movies magnet OTorrent CH Movies Asian Movies magnet TorrentGirl & #1 & #2 CH Movies Asian Movies magnet TORRENTers CH Movies Asian Movies magnet TorrentHaja CH Movies Asian Movies magnet Jolabada CH Movies Asian Movies magnet gagatv CH Movies Asian Movies 58shuwu CH Movies Asian Movies magnet TorrentKings CH Movies Asian Movies magnet JDramaCity Blogspot DDL EN JDramacity JDrama Exdicts & D-Addicts Backup [DDL] DB EN D-Addicts HASH TorrentLee CH Movies Asian Movies magnet zhuixinfan CH Movies Asian Movies magnet​​​​​​​ JPFiles EN DDL Asian Movies filmku DDL CH Movies Drama simsimhalddae CH Movies Asian Movies magnet

Movies/TV Spanish sites

MejorTorrent EliteTorrent Bajui DivxTotal TodoTorrents TodoCVCD DIVXatope MoviesDVDR EstrenosDTL

KAT KAT metasearch magnet Cache KAT KAT New site KAT torrent magnet


Nyaa cache web.archive nyaa anime knaben DB nyaa Database Nyaa Pantsu Nyaa Mirror Anidex & AniRena Tokyo Toshokan Genenral Index Animetosho AnimeRG AniSearch ShanaProject Horrible Subs Fansub magnet HaruhiChan Anisource acgnx

Animetorrents Private Profile BakaBT Private Profile

H10 Anime Torrent DDL Blog MiniMKV EN MicroHD​​​​​​​ H10 User Anime Torrent Start torrent Blog Torrent Anime torrent Blog Doki Fansubs XDCC torrent Tracker Minlong Index Fansubs sites Leopard Raws JPDDL DDL TV Nihon BT TheHylia DDL share.dmhy CH magnet AnimeLatino SPANISH Private Profile .Torrent magnet Frozen Layer & #1 SPANISH Profile .Torrent magnet

Ranking 159 KAT Users profile uploads magnet .torrent 815 KAT Users profile uploads magnet .torrent 237 KAT Users profile uploads magnet .torrent 12K KAT Users profile uploads magnet .torrent 68K register profile uploads magnet .torrent 418 KAT Users profile uploads magnet .torrent

Search app/engine

Qbittorrent search engine Qbittorrent Search engine app multiple search engine magnet .torrent Tribler search engine Tribler Search engine app Internal search engine [Zeronet/Zerotorrent proxy]


SoundPark General magnet .torrent RockBox METAL HARD-ROCK magnet .torrent MetalTracker METAL HARD-ROCK magnet .torrent Nipponsei JP Music magnet .torrent MusicBiatch metasearch General Magnet Video Music Torrent Index General Magnet


Torrent-Windows RUSSIAN Register apps Fost RU Register apps


EbookBay Books magnet .torrent AudioBookBay AudioBooks magnet .torrent

Torrent storage cache torrent storage cache system_ ...with the primary aim of serving torrent files on a large scale allowing trackers and index sites to spend less time and resources storing/maintaining torrents.


Magnet2Torrent Magnet > .torrent .torrent RomanR HASH > Magnet Magnet Link Peerify WebTorrent URL Torrent BETA


Ali213 magnet .torrent 3DM Game magnet .torrent IGGGames Indie torrent GamesTorrents Scene torrent SkidrowRealoded Scene Repacks Indie DDL torrent SceneDownloads Scene DDL

Private sites

TorrentLeech 9.7K General Apollo/Xanax 322K Music 7Tor 34.1K General Demonoid 198K General t411 1.3K General FR

PreDB Sites & XDCC Search engine

- Posted in FOMO by with comments

PreDB Sites Each release that gets released will result as a record in a pre-database.This record will at least contain the time the release was released and the release name (the name of the folder that contains the files of the release).The size and nature of the release are often provided too.Nukes are linked with their release in these databases when a nuke is issued. To check if a release is nuked, a scener uses an IRC channel to query the database by typing commands. These IRC channels are called pre channels and are often not accessible for the general public.The database is updated automatically through spidering topsites or by catching pre-release announcements from site channels

Scene Pre’s and Traces [2/11/16]

Layer13 preDB & P2P pre.corrupt & Live preScene d00per pre.c-burns &P2P Tracers &PRE Tracers godzilla predb Trace Corrupt_Live M2V DupeHQ Smexy DB SrrDB

Scene and P2P Releases

ReleaseLog Sceper SceneSource ReleaseBB xREL



XDCC XDCC_XDCC (Xabi DCC or eXtended DCC) is a computer file sharing method which uses the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network as a host service.

XDCC Search Engine

ixirc​​​​​​​ xdcc-finder cr4wl sunxdcc packetfind haruhichan Anime kametsu Anime ITA radiorvgasm ITA


WebTorrent_Site open source Web RTC Node.JS WebTorrent Desktop can talk to both BitTorrent and WebTorrent peers. A streaming torrent client based on WebRTC which is based on TCP & UDP.

Bitx_Site Propietary Compatible with TPB

Powder Player_Site open source Hybrid between a Torrent Client and a Player (torrent streaming)

Torrents Time_site Propietary

ROX Player_Site Propietary

AceStream_Site Propietary Ace Stream Web Extension_Chrome Chrome Extension Java Streaming

StreamStudio_Site open source GPLv2 UPnP

PlayBack_site_Github open source Web RTC Node.JS http links torrent magnet links IPFS links Video player built using electron and node.js

Butter Project_Github & Site open source streaming P2P

Popcorn Time open source streaming P2P

TorrentTV open source streaming P2P Airplay

DuckieTV & Github app extension chrome open source streaming P2P

Bukanir & Github Streaming Apps

fastcast & Github Streaming

FileStream Cloud storage Propietary streaming

StreamTorrent BETA INVITE ONLY Propietary streaming For now StreamTorrent is in beta and invite only. To request your invite, please email us at

Alluc stream search engine

Megasearch stream search engine


Torrent Tunes & Github_site open source LibTorrent-based streaming Music A BitTorrent-based music streaming service.

MediaGlobin decentralization GNU project media support video support sharing decentralized alternative to Flickr, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc.


BitChute Web-RTC WebTorrent Youtube alternative

Torrent search engine

Some sites, like Torrentz, use a multi-tracker index to provide a combined listing of torrents found on multiple other torrent index sites

FileListing [EN] [Connectivity Issues] Recommended profile multiple search engine magnet .torrent

torrentic multiple search engine magnet .torrent

BTDB [EN] Recommended multiple search engine magnet .torrent

TSearch [RU][] Recommended multiple search engine magnet .torrent

KikiBT [Chinese] Recommended multiple search engine magnet .torrent

zhongzicili [CH] multiple search engine magnet .torrent

cilidaquan [CH] multiple search engine magnet .torrent

BTany [CH] multiple search engine magnet .torrent

BTsome [CH/EN] DOWN multiple search engine magnet .torrent

UCiliCili [CH] DOWN multiple search engine magnet

BTPUT [EN] multiple search engine magnet

TorrentLink [EN] multiple search engine magnet

Zhongziso & #1 & #2 multiple search engine magnet

Zhizhu [CH] multiple search engine magnet

78pp [CH] multiple search engine magnet

TorrentKitty CHINESE MOVIE multiple search engine magnet

a8BT [CH] multiple search engine magnet

Zhongzishenqi [CH] multiple search engine magnet

Zhongzifuli [CH] multiple search engine magnet

DiggBT [CH] & #1 multiple search engine magnet

BTSpread [CH] CHINESE MOVIE multiple search engine magnet

BTupbt [CH] multiple search engine magnet

AcgSou [CH] multiple search engine Anime magnet

KukuBT [CH] multiple search engine magnet

BtSou520 & #1 [CH] multiple search engine magnet

NanrenBT [CH] multiple search engine magnet

MagnetSlot [CH] Subsites T1 & T2 & T3 & T4 & T5 & T6 & T7 & T8 & T9 & T10 A1 & A3 & A5 & A6 & B3 & B4 & B6 & B10 C1 & C3 & C6 & C7 & D6 & E9 & F9 G4 & G6 & H1 & K1 & K3 & K8 & M1 & M4 multiple search engine magnet

BTTiantang CHINESE MOVIE multiple search engine magnet

BTDx8 CHINESE MOVIE multiple search engine magnet

BTMango & #1 multiple search engine magnet

TorrentAnt multiple search engine magnet

Torrent28 multiple search engine magnet

PickTorrent multiple search engine magnet & #1 & #2 multiple search engine magnet

AnyTorrent multiple search engine magnet​​​​​​​

feifeibt multiple search engine magnet

zhainanbt multiple search engine magnet

zhongzijidi multiple search engine magnet

btbiti & BTcili multiple search engine magnet

cili17 multiple search engine magnet

Index Sites

Chinese sites/Need registration

Search Engine Optional Plugins


private-search proxy-search


private-search proxy-search


no-tracking private-search proxy-search

Torrents: Scripts & Other [11/01/17]

- Posted in FOMO by with comments

GreaseMonkey open source Firefox ViolentMonkey open source Chrome


TPB User Comment Search v2.2 TPB Torrent Downloads thepiratebay helper thepiratebay - add a sortable "Ratio" column Recommended Adds a sortable "Ratio" column The Pirate Bay Cleaner Auto Sorting, Torrentifying, Theme Change, Search Change, SSL/HTTPS and more... Hide Fake Torrents on The Pirate Bay Recommended Hide Fake Torrents on The Pirate Bay with Conditional Logic.

Quick Download Recommended Converts all ad download links to direct download.

BT Metasearch Script Script Searches across multiple sources at once. Site With script installed


MoniTorrent open source Torrent downloader Automatic torrents downloader

Magnetico open source self-hosted bittorrent DHT search-engine Autonomous (self-hosted) BitTorrent DHT search engine suite.

Dfindex open source torrent search P2P​​​​​​​ Peer-to-peer torrent indexing

Jackett search engine indexer torrent downloader couchpotato API Support for your favorite torrent trackers.

Info: Indie Games & Other [03/01/17]

- Posted in FOMO by with comments

NARITA Boy Action Retro

River City Ransom: Underground Action RPG Indie Beat'em up Retro

Warcube Adventure Action Indie RPG

The Surge RPG Action

Warhammer 40.000: Inquisitor - Martyr RPG Action Sandbox

Call of Cthulu Horror

Dämmerlicht Adventure

UnDungeon Action RPG

Jupiter Hell Action Strategy RPG

Impact Winter Adventure RPG

Reset Action Adventure Puzzle

Delver Rogue-like RPG Action

Heart&Slash Action Adventure Hack and Slash

Transmission Action Adventure

Yuppie Pshycho Adventure RPG Puzzle Horror

Wanderer Adventure RPG Platformer

We Happy Few Survival Open World Dystopian

Tokyo 42 Action Adventure Cyberpunk

The Last Cargo Action RPG Horror

Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones RPG Horror

Seven: The Days Long Gone RPG Action Isometric

RUINER Action Cyberpunk

Routine Action Adventure Horror

RIME Adventure Action RPG Simulation

RIOT Strategy Simulation Action 2D

Prey for the gods Adventure Action RPG Simulation

Quote Action Adventure RPG

Pixel Noir JRPG

P.A.M.E.L.A & Site Adventure Action Sci-fi

Overland & Site Strategy Survival

No place for bravery RPG Action

Seal Breaker Action RPG

Crossing Souls & Site Action Adventure RPG

Dead Cells & Site Action Adventure

Ghost of a tale Action Adventure RPG

Agony & Site Action Adventure Horror

Katana Zero & Site Action Pixel Graphics Cyberpunk

HuntDown & Site Action Pixel Graphics Cyberpunk Retro

Ghost Song & Site Action RPG Shooter Platformer Horror

Torment: Tides of Numenera RPG Isometric Strategy

Vampyr Horror RPG Action

Daymare 1998 Horror

Serpent in the Staglands RPG Adventure Isometric CRPG Fantasy

Tyranny RPG Adventure Story Rich Choices Matter

Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura RPG Steampunk Story Rich Classic Magic

Kim RPG Adventure Historical CRPG​​​​​​​

Necropolis Adventure Action Co-op Rogue-like

In Celebration of Violence Rol Acción Rogue-like

Pyre RPG Action Great Soundtrack

Rain World Action Adventure Platformer

Vane Explore

Folk Tale Strategy Simulation City Builder

Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation Strategy Simulation Survival

HighRisers Adventure RPG Horror

Crawl RPG Dungeon Crawler Action Pixel Graphics 2D 4 Player Local Rogue-like Search UZTorrent

Goblins and Grotos Adventure 2D Action Platformer

Jazon and the Dead Steam GreenLight Action Adventure Horror

Punch Club Management Pixel Graphics Strategy RPG Fighting Retro Search UZTorrent

Noct Early Access Action Survival Horror ENG Search UZTorrent

Feel The Snow Adventure RPG Action EN, RU

Pixel Privateers RPG Action Adventure Simulation

Chasm Adventure Action RPG Metroidvania

Songbringer Action Adventure RPG

Dead Pixels II Action RPG Zombies Pixel Graphics

Death's Gambit Action Dark Fantasy RPG 2D

EITR RPG Action Adventure Dark Fantasy

3030 Deathwar Redux_Steam RPG 2D Parody Adventure action Pixel graphics 80s soundtrack English Search UZTorrent

Death Road to Canada_Steam Action 2D Indie Pixel Graphics RPG Zombies English

Hyper Light Drifter_Steam Indie Pixel Graphics Action RPG Adventure Hack and Slash MULTI6

Okhlos_Steam Indie Pixel Graphics Action Rogue Like Strategy MULTI9

Mother Russia Bleeds_Steam Beat 'em up Indie Pixel Graphics Action 2D MULTI7 Search UZTorrent

Terraria_Steam Sandbox Indie Pixel Graphics 2D Crafting v.1.3.3 ENGLISH Search UZTorrent

The final Station_Steam Indie Adventure Action Pixel Graphics 2D MULTI9 Search UZTorrent

March of the Living_Steam Indie Strategy Adventure Zombies Rogue-like Early Access ENGLISH

The Kings of Limbo Indie Action Pixel Graphics 2D Zombies Action Rogue Like Strategy Early Access ENGLISH FREE

Circle Empires Indie Action Pixel Graphics 2D Strategy Action Early Access ENGLISH FREE

Sunless Sea_Steam Indie Exploration Survival Lovecraftian Story Rich ENGLISH Search UZTorrent

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shell Shocked Beat 'em up Indie Pixel Graphics Action 2D EN GAMEJOLT

SYNC Software

Livrevault open source

Resilio Sync Bittorrent inc.

Syncthing SyncTrayzor_Windows app open source

SyncAny open-source Sync cloud storage filesharing

SparkleShare & Github open-source filesharing collaboration Sync

git-annex encryption Sync

Freehold open-source Filesharing File Hosting Sync

Picture Hosting

Lutim profile album URL Image Open source Self-Hosted

IPFS.pics_Decentralized Picture Hosting & Github URL Image

Pirate Bay_BAYimg URL Image

Imgur profile album URL Image

Up1 Image hosting Encrypted

Pwigo Image hosting Privacy


Lbry & Github decentralized network digital library distributing data

BoZoN open-source PHP app filesharing Self-hosted Java Open source Encrypted Chat client P2P

Sia & Github & Sia UI Propietary Data storage Java JSON Collaborative Cloud Blockchain-based Blockchain-based marketplace for file storage

Storj Open source BETA Data storage Blockchain-based Decentralized cloud

MatterMost Open source Java team collaboration Group chat File-Sharing Slack-Integration Markdown Mattermost is an open source alternative to Slack

DecentraLeyes addon open source Mozilla browser Privacy

Privacy Badger & Extension Chrome extension Privacy AdBlock

BitMask open source Encrypted Email VPN

Mumble Open source Portable VoIP iOS Android


Twister open source P2P Microblogging Decentralized BTC Bittorrent decentralized P2P microblogging platform leveraging from the free software implementations of Bitcoin and BitTorrent protocols BitMessage P2P Open source Encrypted is a P2P communications protocol used to send encrypted messages to another person or to many subscribers. Bleep Bittorrent inc. Android IOS Windows Mac SureSpot Android IOS Encrypted Aether app open source Social decentralized community Riot & Github App Web Android Chat File transfer PeerTweet Decentralized feeds DHT RSS Peer-Tweet is a Twitter clone which utilizes the BitTorrent DHT network to give users privacy and control over there content.

SOCIAL_Decentralized instant messenger

TorChat Open source messenger Decentralized

TOXChat & Site Open source messenger Decentralized Distributed Encrypted File sharing ANDROID qTox & uTox & Toxygen & Antox_Android

CryptoCat & Site Open source messenger File sharing Encrypted

RicoChet IM & Site Tor network Anonymous OS X Windows GNU/Linux

Ring open source voice-chat Messaging ZRTP privacy

ChatSecure Encrypted IM IOS Android

Kontalk Android Windows GNU/Linux

BitlBee & Github IRC IM

Tor Messenger BETA Tor

BitChat P2P Alpha IM

Briar Android open source encrypted IM

Pond Linux IM anonymous

SOCIAL_Decentralized / Distributed Social

Diaspora Servers Services Hubzilla / Redmatrix Servers Services Friendica Servers LiberTree & Github GNU Open source social network social media decentralized GNU Social Servers Services freenode IRC IRC Movim & Movim FR Open source social-network Online BuddyPress Open source social-network Self-Hosted WordPress HumHub Open source social-network Self-Hosted collaborative Social Relay & diasp & iliketoast app diaspora protocol post relay federation social networks Social Home & Network & dev federation social networks diaspora protocol django Home

CLOUD_Encrypted Cloud Storage/File Encryption Software

Cryptomator & Github Open source Encryption Free client-side AES encryption for your cloud files

VeraCrypt - Disk Encryption TrueCrypt based disk encryption software App Dyne Tomb & Github Open source disk encryption software App backup DiskCrytor Open source disk encryption software

GNU Privacy Guard - Email Encryption GnuPG implementation Privacy Scramble open source encrypted email

PeaZip - File Archive Encryption Open source file archiver App

CLOUD_Self-Hosted Cloud Server Software/Storage Services

SeaFile & Github Pricing/Free Open source Encryption Sync Collaboration File Sharing cloud storage

OwnCloud & Portable app_Windows Pricing/Free Open source Encryption Sync cloud storage

Pydio Pricing Open source

Tahoe-LAFS decentralized Open source cloud storage Privacy

CalimStore personal storage Open source privacy sharing sync

BitCloud Open source privacy Decentralized Reliable Storage Private Cloud Storage


OpenMailBox Email Service Hosting Security Encrypted data storage TorBirdy Tor Addon Thunderbird EnigMail Addon Encrypted Thunderbird ProtonMail & Github Open source Service Encrypted Mail TutaNota Open source Service Encrypted Mail MailPile & Github Open source Email Client Encrypted Web Based RoundCube & Github Open source Email Client App Encrypted Self-Hosted FlowingMail & BitBucked Email Client decentralized encrypted GoldBug & Sourceforge Email Client Private Chat Encrypted IRC Groupchat P2P Websearch FileSharing Decentralized confidant mail open source encrypted PGP app Easy Crypt Email Service Tor Web client


Open VPN Open Source VPN Clients VPN Servers Web services SoftEther VPN & Github & VPN Gate open source VPN app IPOP Social VPN & Github open source VPN app OpenConnect VPN open source VPN app TcpCript & Github open source VPN app PriTunl & Github open source VPN app FreeLAN VPN & Github open source VPN app Autistici VPN Account Web services LibreSwan VPN Servers OpenSwan VPN Servers StrongSwan VPN Servers Tinc VPN VPN Servers Routers


SubToMe & Github Chrome & Mozilla Open source App RSS Follow Button Local Data


bleachbit Open source

Open Music

FMA.Free Music Archive LibreFM MusOpen Community Audio Database NetLabels


iCrypt Pastebin encrypted profile CryptoNote Pastebin encrypted 0bin Pastebin encrypted app local storage CryptBin Pastebin encrypted profile IPFSbin & Github Pastebin encrypted NCrypt & Github Pastebin encrypted ZeroNet_NullPaste Pastebin encrypted ghostbin & git Pastebin encrypted profile privatebin & Github 0bin fork Pastebin encrypted app local storage hastebin & Github Pastebin


CuteTorrent & Github & Portable version & Help_Translation LIBTORRENT Magnet .Torrent Labels

uGet aria FTP Magnet .Torrent Labels

Utorrent 2.0.4 & Portable_Rutracker.org_Magnet Magnet .Torrent RSS Labels Portable_changelog_By Sharikov:

  • Delete:"This program is freeware. If you paid for it, you have been scammed, and you should get a refund"
  • DHT Patch
  • Language update

Utorrent 2.2.1 & Portable_Rutracker.org_Magnet Magnet .Torrent RSS Labels

Qbittorrent & Portable version LIBTORRENT Magnet .Torrent RSS Embedded Tracker Search engine Labels

PicoTorrent LIBTORRENT Magnet .Torrent

Deluge & Portable version LIBTORRENT Magnet .Torrent RSS Labels

Tribler & Portable version Magnet .Torrent Search engine

TransmissionBT(Official) Magnet .Torrent

Wikipedia Comparison of BitTorrent clients


Demonsaw_Site & Github & Docs & Reddit P2P File-sharing Chat Decentralized Cryptography Anonymity

Github & Sourceforge Trackers .torrent Qt based GUI tool designed to create and edit .torrent files

Bittorrent Tracker editor & Edit one torrent file_ONLINE Trackers .torrent Software for add or remove tracker from torrent files_Edit multiple torrent file_will add/remove bittorrent tracker from the torrent file(s). This software works on Windows XP SP3, Windows 7+, Mac OS X and Linux.

SoulseekQT Proprietary

Emule_MOD BEBA.0.50a.v.2.72 & Beta_0.50b.v.3.00 [DD] eDonkey network MOD

Joystream & Reddit Proprietary BitTorrent client Bitcoin

GTK-Gnutella G2 network

RetroShare & Github Filesharing decentralized MSYS2 QT Git Gui​​​​​​​ I2P Tor RetroShare is a decentralized, private and secure commmunication and sharing platform. RetroShare provides filesharing, chat, messages, forums and channels.

FlyLinkDC++ & Github DC++ P2P magnet DHT

WireShare & Forum LimeWire Gnutella Magnet Torrent P2P

GoldBug & Sourceforge Email Client Private Chat Encrypted IRC Groupchat P2P Websearch FileSharing Decentralized


Miranda IM Open source Portable chat-clients IM irc xmpp jabber icq yahoo msn multi-protocol multi-messenger

HexChat Open source Portable xfce chat-clients irc xchat

Smuxi & Github twitter irc xmpp jabber gtk facebook-messaging google-talk

Pidgin & SourceForge Portable xfce xmpp jabber irc voice-call video-call yahoo icq msn google-talk aim multi-protocol xmpp-clients gadu-gadu

XdccMule & Repositories XDCC Search Download BETA ITA IRC XdccMule is a program that lets you download movies with mIRC (and others) using a convenient way of searching through the channels provided and most popular IRC network, now we know it in many.


Torrent Tornado Addon Mozilla JavaScript

BTorrent & #1 & #2 & Github Open source

FilePizza Open source File transfer protocol Web-RTC

Hadouken & Github Open source Libtorrent Plugins

JSTorrent Chrome Extension Limited JavaScript

WEB-BASED P2P FILESHARING Open source File-sharing WebRTC

FilesOverMiles File-sharing

xFiles File-sharing

FileTea File-sharing Anonymous

ShareFest File-sharing

Jirafeau File-sharing Self-Hosted File-Hosting