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Hard Russian propaganda in broken english :)

A mysterious picture was observed yesterday in Moscow. A horse galloping along the Moscow Highway with tubing. Riderless. People assume that this is the horse of one of the horsemen of the Apocalypse, which fell out of the saddle. Judging by its color, it is a black horse, which John the Apostle is responsible for hunger and other economics.

Really influence

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Do you want a real example of a really strong influence? A real propaganda? Imagine, your family in New York goes to bed. A daughter in Russian sings "V lesu rodilas' yolochka, v lesu ona rosla ...", then - "Malenkoy yolochke kholodno zimoy. Iz lesu yolochku vzyali my domoy". And you suddenly realize that the daughter does not know by heart "Jingle Bells" or "I Wish You A Merry Christmas" in your English. Have you imagined it?

Now my daughter before the bed sings in English "Jingle Bells" and "I Wish You A Merry Christmas". And she does not know our Russian New Year songs. Only a few lines. In part, this is my omission, I did not teach our Russian songs with her. At school they do not learn Russian songs. And in English lessons, obviously, they learn songs in English. But imagine the degree of influence of the West on Russia :)

And you - "Russian advertising looked 1000 people." Ugh!

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A little bit about the weather in Moscow in recent days.

photo_2018-02-04_21-01-00.jpg (824x1024)

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The main thing is to raise the wipers so that they do not stick.

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Well, I threw my pictures of these days in the blog "without politics" :)

The third launch from the new spaceport "Vostochny" ("Eastern"). Successfully put into orbit 11 small satellites, including four American and 5 German satellites.

Vostochny-3.jpg (1280x853)

Richard Nixon in the subway. USSR, Moscow. June 1959.

Why did no one blame him for his relations with Russia? :)

Nixon-subway.jpg (900x593)

Nixon-subway-USSR-Moscow-1959.jpg (556x776)​​​​​​​

I try to avoid writing about Ukraine. It's such a stupid topic that in most news it will seem like I'm making it up, people can not really say it all. But sometimes it breaks through me :)

For example, on Monday, Ukrainian political scientist Alexander Paliy shared new information that King Arthur was a native of Ukraine. He writes that in the UK the theory is popular, according to which King Arthur belonged to the Sarmatians who inhabited the territory from the Black to the Aral Sea in the II-III centuries. According to Palia, traces of the stay of this people are found in Ukraine. And concludes that Arthur's ancestors were Ukrainians.

Earlier, Ukrainians, including historians and scientists, argued that the Ukrainian roots are Christ, Buddha, Christopher Columbus. In the Ukrainian language he wrote poems of the ancient Greek Ovid. In general, the brother of the former president of Ukraine, the historian Peter Yushchenko, asserts that the ancient Greek philosophers spoke in Ukrainian. In a word, I can not remember everyone, it was necessary to write down immediately, as it happened :) If on any of the facts there are doubts, do not hesitate, I will find and share a link to the source :)

However, I will add a little more specifics.

Doctor of Science, Professor, historian Lev Ivanovich Pshenko made a sensational statement: in his opinion, ancient Palestine was originally inhabited by tribes related to modern Ukrainians, and all the Old Testament kings and prophets may have had Ukrainian roots. Source:

Candidate of Psychological Sciences and Doctor of Political Sciences, Chairman of the Board of the All-Ukrainian Political Association, Honorary Academician of the International Personnel Academy, Vice-Rector of the University of Ukraine Valery Bebik, argues that the Ukrainian civilization gave birth to outstanding world prophets, philosophers and leaders, in particular, Jesus Christ and Buddha.

"Christ actually lived three thousand years before his" canonical "birth and spoke (like Queen Nefertiti) in Coptic, close to the ancestral language of modern Ukrainians," the Ukrainian professor said.

"Jesus is the Hellenic version of the name Yas, meaning "clear", "bright". Such names as Yasus, Yazion, and Jason were familiar to the ancient Hellas, their Ukrainian correspondences are the names Yas', Yasko, Yatsko, and the Greek word 'chrestos' means "the best, kind, noble". Bebik argued, in his opinion, Jesus was from the sect of the Essenes who came from Prykarpattya, and given the factor of "land," and the fact that Ukrainian blood was flowing in the veins of the Galileans, it must be considered that Jesus was a Ukrainian.

Since Ukrainian civilization, according to Ukrainian historians, has, no less, 140 thousand years, then almost any historical person can tie to Ukrainian roots.

Week in Russia

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In Russia this week, two high-profile news. Curious and tragic. I'll start with the curious. Cadets of the flying school in the city of Ulyanovsk released such a clip.

Given the Russian aversion to public propaganda of all homosexual-like, a big scandal has turned out. Even the authorities had a split. Someone demanded immediately to exclude them from the flying school. Someone defended the ways of self-expression. However, there were no reasons for excluding them from the school, a lot of imitators of both sexes appeared, so that the scandal languidly subsided.


Other news is tragic. January 15, immediately after the beginning of classes in schools, in the city of Perm in the school there was an attack with knives. Two students of the senior classes, under the influence of the massacre at Columbine School, decided to repeat the feat in Russia. They with knives attacked pupils of elementary grades of the school and planned to kill then each other. Fortunately, they could not kill anybody, wounded the teacher and about a dozen children. They could not kill themselves and were detained by the police. Some of the wounded are still in serious condition.

Yesterday another school, already the city of Ulan-Ude, two more schoolchildren, under the influence of the previous case, committed an attack in their school. Armed with a Molotov cocktail, a knife and an ax. Five wounded. Some are seriously wounded.

Most of all in both cases, the teachers suffered, which closed their bodies from the knives of their children.

mnemonic wrote: The easiest way to manipulate the masses is to ignite emotional response. It is very hard to think rationally and critically when its fogged by strong emotions. Or to have a civilised dialog.

Therefore tribalism is very desirable thing to ignite, because you allienate people who you disagree with and not allow them (or yourself) have a chance to see the other one's point of view.

Divide and conquer.

One of the reasons I came to English-speaking forums three years ago. As soon as the electronic translators began to allow this. (Since I know English only at the level of reading technical documentation :)) Western media, show a very one-sided and distorted picture of Russia. And it builds a natural one-sided iron curtain. It is very simple to abstractly hate someone unfamiliar. But it's harder to hate someone you know. The Russians are in a somewhat more favorable position. There are a lot of Western media in Russia. We watch western films. We read modern Western literature. Tens of millions of Russians communicate on the Internet, which, for the time being, has no boundaries. Therefore, we in Russia represent what the West is living and Russian official propaganda affects us much less. In addition, many people in Russia have remained immune to state propaganda since the time of the USSR. In the West, the picture is quite different. Western users do not go to Russian sites. Do not watch the Russian media. Blindly believe what is said in the Western media. Although here some blow struck the last scandals with Trump. But still, the belief in official sources in the West, at times, is simply amazing. So I'm trying to build a bridge. No, the bridge is an exaggeration. I try to put my small plaque on the construction of such a bridge :) Well, since I write something like that in English-language forums, so that my translations into English are not lost and did not disappear, at the same time I write many of my notes here, in ZeroNet in my "Broken-English" blog :)

Continuing the theme of swimming in the ice hole in Epiphany frosts) :) In Russia, the Baptism of Jesus came and, as always, the frosts struck. Although this year the frost is weaker than usual, in the daytime the temperature in Moscow does not drop to 14 °F (-10 °C). Two things are interesting with respect to tradition.

First, Epiphany bathing was in Yakutia, where now the temperature drops to -60 °F (-50 °C) :) Of course, the situation is saved by the fact that the temperature of liquid water can never be below 0 °C (32 °F), and a tent is placed above the hole, but it's still extreme, in my opinion :D

0_30e6d4_9889bfa6_orig.jpg (1000x667)

1sha0155.jpg (1000x666)

80991.jpg (900x445)

Secondly, this year Putin was swimming in the ice-hole. Although so far only one photo in the media has been published, but still a good move :D

2a3757363fd222ddd091a481690ad094.jpg (800x600)

And we with the children, of course, people who are ~~afraid of cold~~ more civilized, we did not go swimming, but went for a drive on a sled from a hill :)