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A little walk

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Yesterday I went with my daughter to the Cosmonautics Museum to perform the next stage of the school Olympiad. But there was a HUGE queue at the entrance. I had to give up going to the museum and just climb the snowdrifts :)

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Russian breakfast

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Just Russian breakfast now. Vodka. Caviar :)

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Flowers on March, 8

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My wife was returning home from work. At the entrance of the house two drunken guys gave her two huge bouquets of tulips. And in every door handle in the apartments of our house - the flowers are stuck :)

This, apparently, the people continue to celebrate the women's day, the 8th of March :)

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Global warming

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Last night I burned myself to the central heating battery. I took an IR thermometer and measured the temperature. 94.0 °C (201.2 °F). The municipal services decided to resist frost, the promised weather forecast. Heating system in my house is old, the degree of heating is not regulated. He called the communal service, they answered that it was normal. We have to open the windows to the street and warm the atmosphere. Russia is a generous soul! :)

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From old photos. This is May of 2010 year. Dagestan. Mountain village of Kuba. The place where my wife's mother was born and grew up.

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In ancient times, the valleys of Dagestan were too valuable a place to settle them. There are few arable land. Therefore, people settled in the mountains, in places unsuitable for farming. At the same time it helped create additional protection from attacks.

Hot pizza in Moscow

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On the motor scooter the inscription: Delivery of HOT pizza.

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Winter in Moscow

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My DSLR suddenly fixed itself. Today walked a little along the street :)

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A little drink

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I decided to match the Russian image a little and now I mixed vodka with tomato juice. Made several shots Bloody Mary :)

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In fact, I rarely drink vodka. Last time he drank it a few months ago. I prefer to drink beer. Slightly less often - cognac or wine. Even rarer - rum or whiskey.

Meanwhile in Moscow

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Meanwhile, in Moscow, winter continues. Over the past two days, the monthly snowfall rate has fallen. In many places the snow lies knee-high. Communal services work continuously, but do not have time to clean all this snow.

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Bird feeder

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Somewhere a week ago, as part of a school assignment, my daughter and I made a bird feeder. But in the courtyard is the XXI century. So I decided to hang the feeder not somewhere in the street, but outside. And sent there a Web camera. Put a program that takes pictures when changing the picture. Birds for a long time ignored the trough, but today the first titmouse arrived. Unfortunately, the titmice eat animal food, but we only have a vegetable in the food trough. It will be necessary to expand the menu :)

motion_2018-02-05_09.36.41_671.jpg (1200x675)

It's a pity, the web-camera at me through the glass badly removes, so the quality is bad.

Update: In the program, which detects movement in front of the camera, there were a lot of garbage photos. Now I collected from them such a timelapse :)