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In the summer of 1988, my neighbors in the village threw out a broken calculator. I fixed it and started experimenting. I remembered how in one of the magazines I read about microcalculators independently did some hours-long calculations. It fascinated me, the fact that some devices can do complex calculations without human intervention. And I immediately tried to do the same with my calculator. Alas, I was disappointed. I had a simple model that did count only four arithmetic operations and operations with percentages. And in the examples in the magazine there were some much more complex devices. I began to figure out what microcalculators are needed for this and plunged into the world of programming. What determined my future fate :D In the fall of the same 1988, I got a job as a school lab technician and on my first salary, exactly 30 years ago, bought myself the first programmable gadget - the MK-61 micro calculator :)

mk61-5.jpg (970x728)

15 floating point registers, RPN and command memory for 102 operations. Little? But it was a whole huge world. From mathematical tricks and complex integer calculations to a huge number of games for which I spent hundreds, maybe thousands of hours :)

The programs looked like this:

fh.jpg (437x484)

The gameplay looked something like this:

kb_3_5.jpg (790x562)

My notebook with the programs at the time looked like this (especially now I converted it into PDF and put it in my ZeroUp):

Moscow again

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Moscow a few days ago. Photo from the hospital where my daughter is being treated.

IMG_20181023_150800.jpg (1108x900)

Next year I plan with my family to relocate from Moscow to Kaliningrad. Therefore, now I have begun to pay more attention to things to which I have got used to for 28 years of life in Moscow and have not paid attention. I began to photograph more often the streets along which I am going home. In memory :) Sometimes something interesting happens.

20181001_163509_HDR-EFFECTS.jpg (1200x900)

Last week I walked from one district of Moscow to another, and on the way I photographed such an Orthodox church. By the way, this is a new building, was built last year. In general, I am against the aggressive expansion of the Orthodox presence, but I cannot fail to note the beauty of some decisions :)

2018-0625-1245-petrovka-38.jpg (1200x900)

Moscow, Petrovka, 38. One of those Moscow addresses that everyone in the USSR knew from childhood, as in Britain they know Baker Street 221B :) Previously, there was a Moscow criminal search, which very often figured in a detective movie. Now - the same thing, only under a different, more bureaucratic name.

In general, I am depressed in Russia by the growth of bureaucratization of names, mass bureaucratic style at every step. Even on the bus you go, social advertising - "this can lead to the creation of an emergency!". No, just to be "can cause an accident". And so it is everywhere.

15 years ago

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Just Moscow, the Sokol district that day 15 years ago. July 11, 2003 :)

2003-0711-1426-img_3352-200k.jpg (1280x960)

Day of Pioneers

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On this day, May 19, the Day of Pioneers was celebrated in the USSR: D The Pioneer Organization in the USSR is something of the type of American scouts, only it had coverage all over the country and with ideological overtones. I completely forgot this date, if it was not remembered in Telegram - it would not have occurred to me :) Under this case - photos, which are exactly 35 years old (+ month) - April 22, 1983. On the photos - the day when I was accepted into the pioneers :)

PICT0086-200k.JPG  (1280x854) PICT0088-200k.jpg (1280x1919)​​​​​​​


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It rains. Photographed now from the balcony :) Quality bad, so that the drops are not smeared, I had to shoot on ISO3200. And in addition - a small crop. But it's still interesting :)

IMG_2275-200k.JPG  (1280x853)

A little walk

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Yesterday I went with my daughter to the Cosmonautics Museum to perform the next stage of the school Olympiad. But there was a HUGE queue at the entrance. I had to give up going to the museum and just climb the snowdrifts :)

20180318_152151.jpg (1200x900)

20180318_152318.jpg (1200x900)

Russian breakfast

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Just Russian breakfast now. Vodka. Caviar :)

20180316_102134-200k.jpg (1280x960)​​​​​​​