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I received a mail today from a person who wrote he or she registered a .bit domain for me. I am grateful to that person for wanting to help, but I have to refuse that gift.

I am pretty okay with the usage of the plain cryptographic keys for addressing sites, and I'm not going to use the Namecoin domains for my sites. Actually, the cryptographic keys are the only sound way to address sites in ZeroNet now, and Namecoin domains don't seem reliable for me at all.

However, the mail made me think about the potential abuse of the names. So I have to make a statement:

I've never registered and not going to register any .bit domains for my ZeroNet sites. All my zites are available by their plain cryptographic addresses only. And even if some of them are available by .bit domains, it is not me who owns the domains.

Rest in Peace Roman Karshiev

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Roman Karshiev, one of the most active ZeroNet users and activists, known as balancer73@zeroid.bit, has passed away.

He was the owner of a lot of zites and also ran a popular Russian forum in the Clearnet. Here are his zites (and maybe I missed some):



Blogs (En):

Blogs (Ru):

Clearnet sites:

He believed in the future of the P2P technologies, that can bring more freedom to the people all over the world. And in particular, he was a great Zeronet promoter. He was a nice person as well. His enthusiasm and optimism were really inspiring for people around.

He criticized some P2P solutions for being too unreliable, and he saw a great advantage of ZeroNet in being able to keep the data forever. No matter, how many years passed, in which planet people live, and what kind of internet they use, zites will probably still able to work fine.

"When I die, my ZeroNet blog will be the only digital trace of mine, that doesn't depend on any 3rd party services, companies or persons, and will have been surviving for many years. If my work is worthy of something, people will keep, read and use my zites." - that is what he and I both agreed in. When we talked about ZeroNet, we both often admired that feature. But I couldn't even imagine that this idea would become the real fact so soon.

A few months ago, Roman started posting memories and stories in his blogs. He seemed to have a premonition and tried to write down as much as possible. One of his blogs has a subtitle: Буду записывать, пока ещё память жива — "I'm going to write, while my memory is alive yet". Now those words sound so... unspeakably sad.

I only hope, his private keys will not fall into the wrong hands, and his zites'll keep running. Unfortunately, ZeroNet doesn't yet have the archiving/snapshot feature implemented, so the content is still vulnerable for being erased by a person, who stole the private key.

Aged 45. He left a wife and 2 young children. And so many things left unfinished.

Rest in Peace, Roman. We miss you so much.

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