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Руслан и римские свечи :)

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Happy New Year!

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20 minutes ago the New Year came to Russia! :) Since childhood, I still remember the stamp. When on the radio at 15:00 the time was listed on the time zones, the enumeration ended with the phrase "In Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky - midnight". There were even jokes, in the spirit, "It's always midnight in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky" :)

So, here, it was 15:00 in Moscow, and, therefore, the New Year began its journey in Russia! He will end at 01:00 Moscow time New Year in Kaliningrad.

Congratulations to all on the holiday! :D

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Patchwork, a decentralized messaging and sharing app built on top of Secure Scuttlebutt (SSB). Although I know it from some ZeroNet posts for quite some time, I haven't tried it until recently.

The installation progress was quite smooth by following the official Getting Started, the linux app is packed by using AppImage, after chmod a+x I only need a simple click to open it, quite fancy. The UI is nice and officially supports dark theme ^^

Bildschirmfoto_2017-12-31_10-44-26.png (0x0)

When adding Pub Servers, I followed the suggestion "Please don't just choose the first pub in the list!" and scanned the list to find one that I prefer to join. I chose the last one under "pubs with reusable invite codes", but failed and returned could not connect to sbot. I did a simple search with Searx but the discussion I found were more about development but not normal use. I could access and there is a cool Gundam photo there! I tried adding other pubs, and.. only the first one worked for me XD I also tried one from "Pubs that give out invite codes", same with could not connect to sbot.

After I successfully added the pub, a lot data began to sync, like BitMessage, I only followed two users there and now the data folder is about 420MB O_O but the benefit is that I can immediately access a lot of posts there. Just hope it won't quickly eat up my limited SSD space (only about 15GB left, I attach another 500GB HDD by the DVD drive slot and have another 1TB drive that is still waiting for eating data though :3).

Attachment limit is 5MB, so probably most users only upload photos but not videos or other big files. The photo preview is shown in the post but I need to view the fullsize one by opening it in a browser. I downloaded it and checked the sha256sum, it is the same with the orginal one. So the meta data of my uploaded photos are inside. Wonder if someone will be amazed that some beautiful photos were taken by Blackberry Bold 9700 :3

In opposite to ZeroMe, everything is changeable, posting on Patchwork:

There is no edit. There is no Undo. There is no delete. So, use your spellcheck, actually look at the Preview, and don't publish mad. You won't be able to take it back.

Like blockchain I guess. Markdown support is everywhere and after I hit the Publish button, there was a preview window as mentioned above (must have feature I think) and I could decide whether confirming it or polishing my post further.

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Everything works as expected and there are some friendly features inside, like searching, channels, friend recommendations. There is also a ZeroNet channel there!

Bildschirmfoto_2017-12-31_01-10-08.png (0x0)

Just a few posts there though, half of a day later I received 2 likes and 1 comment, and ;D

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Thank @ks!

The data stream there is quite transparent, e.g in the channel page, it shows who has subcribed to a channel, and.. it also shows who has left the channel O_O (such design can have some benefit though). Also it has private chat and user blocking feature:

Stay Happy and Safe

Don't worry, if come across someone whose views make you uncomfortable. You can always block them, and you'll never receive any of their posts again, and they won't get yours either.

That is all I guess. Quite a nice social network and I have added a shortcut for it on the desktop. Hope I also have a wonderful journey there like what I had and am still having on ZeroNet and Diaspora*.

Thanks for reading :)

New Year's pyrotechnics

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It so happened that I did not buy pyrotechnics in stores for my whole life. Except for Bengal lights. In my childhood and students I used pyrotechnics myself, then there was no time, then there was nowhere to buy.

A week ago, in the GIS-directory in the phone I made a query for "fireworks" and found a pyrotechnics shop less a mile away from the house.

I went there yesterday. Has bought a bag of all junk :) For 2000 rubles, it's about $35 ;) Firecrackers, crackers, Bengal candles, Roman candles, all sorts of flyers from "moths" to rockets of different calibers. Only I did not buy batteries of salutes, they conceptually did not make me happy.

Today, my family tested it in part. According to the test results, Roman candles were the most liked. But I took small, 0.5", 4 pieces in the set, such

So I went today and took four more "candles", but already 2x 1.5" and 2x 1" :) Another 2000+ rubles :D One and a half inch tubes are such monsters, from the ground to my waist. Especially I was pleased with the instruction - "to thrust into the earth for 2/3 of the length". This is for the pipe almost in the hand thick! :D Apparently, the instruction is taken from small candles.

Although small candles are also interesting in their own way. I think that big candles explode at high altitude, which is cool, but far. And from the small candles the charge takes off about 10 meters upwards. And after the explosion, the lower part of the cloud of burning fragments turns out to be on the ground - in reality everything around shines and shoots :D

Я за всю жизнь как-то пиротехники в магазинах почти не покупал, за исключением бенгальских огней. В детстве и студенчестве как-то сам её сооружал, потом то недосуг, то негде покупать.

А с неделю назад в 2ГИС спросил «фейерверки» и обнаружил точку всего в полутора километрах от дома.

Вчера туда наведался. Накупил сумку всякого барахла на пробу на 2000+ рублей :) Петарды, хлопушки, бенгальские огни, римские свечи, всякие леталки от «мотыльков» до ракет разных калибров. Только что батареи салютов не брал, они меня концептуально не так, чтобы радуют.

Сегодня с семьёй это дело частично протестировали. По результатам тестов больше всего понравились римские свечи. Но я брал мелкие, 0.5", 4 штуки в комплекте, такие

Так что пошёл сегодня и взял ещё четыре «свечи», но уже 2x1.5" и 2x1" :) Ещё на 2000+ рублей :D Полуторадюймовки — такие дуры, мне по пояс. Порадовала инструкция — «воткнуть в землю на 2/3 длины». Это для 47 миллиметров-то! :D Типа, инструкция от мелких свечей.

Хотя мелкие, что 0.5", тоже по-своему прикольны. Полагаю, что здоровые рвутся на большой высоте, что круто, но далеко. А из этой мелочи заряд вылетает метров на 10 вверх и после взрыва нижняя часть облака горящих осколков оказывается на земле — реально вокруг тебя всё сверкает и стреляет :D

Version wrote in ZeroMe: The girl don't feel cold? So crazy Russian.....

This is an old Russian tradition. Bathing in the winter, in the day of Christ's Baptism. In the most severe frosts :D Here are a few Russian women under the spoiler - I warn you, you need to remove the children from the screens, this a photos is NSFW :)

________-_____-_______-________-_-_______-_____.jpg (795x535)

nude-swomming-001.jpg (886x1059)​​​​​​​

chastnoe-foto-zhenshina-v-prorubi-4.jpg (720x960)

ice-hole-girl.jpeg (1200x865)

See also


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Similar news at a sight from Russia horrifies. Despite all our shortcomings and the corruption of the police system, the police usually do not shoot us, without understanding the situation.

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