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Changelog: Mar 29, 2015

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  • Version 0.2.8
    • Namecoin (.bit) domain support!
    • Possible to disable backward compatibility with old version to save some memory
    • Faster content publishing (commenting, posting etc.)
    • Display error on internal server errors
    • Better progress bar
    • Crash and bugfixes
    • Removed coppersurfer tracker (its down atm), added eddie4
    • Sorry, the auto updater broken for this version: please overwrite your current file with the latest one from github, run it and restart ZeroNet.
    • Fixed updater



  • New site for resolving namecoin domains and display registered ones

ZeroName ZeroHello

  • Automatically links to site's domain names if its specificed in content.json domain field

Changelog: Mar 23, 2015

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  • Version 0.2.7
    • Plugin system: Allows extend ZeroNet without modify the core source
    • Comes with 3 plugin:
    • Multiuser: User login/logout based on BIP32 master seed, generate new master seed on visit (disabled by default to enable it just remove the disabled- from the directory name)
    • Stats: /Stats url moved to separate plugin for demonstration reasons
    • DonationMessage: Puts a little donation link to the bottom of every page (disabled by default)
    • Reworked module import system
    • Lazy user auth_address generatation
    • Allow to send prompt dialog to user from server-side
    • Update script remembers plugins enabled/disabled status
    • Multiline notifications
    • Cookie parser

ZeroHello in multiuser mode:

  • Logout button
  • Identicon generated based on logined user xpub address


Changelog: Mar 19, 2015

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  • Version 0.2.6
    • SQL database support that allows easier site development and faster page load times
    • Updated ZeroFrame API Reference
    • Added description of new dbschema.json file
    • SiteStorage class for file operations
    • Incoming connection firstchar errorfix
    • dbRebuild and dbQuery commandline actions
    • Goals donation page


  • Rewritten to use SQL queries (falls back nicely to use json files on older version)

Changelog: Mar 14, 2015

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  • Save significant amount of memory by remove unused msgpack unpackers
    • Log unhandled exceptions
    • Connection checker error bugfix
    • Working on database support, you can follow the progress on reddit

memory usage

Changelog: Mar 10, 2015

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  • Fixed ZeroBoard and ZeroTalk registration: It was down last days, sorry, I haven't tested it after recent modifications, but I promise I will from now :)
    • Working hard on documentations, after trying some possibilities, I chosen
    • The API reference is now up-to-date, documented demo sites working method and also updated other parts

Please, tell me what you want to see in the docs, Thanks!

Changelog: Mar 8, 2015

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- Comment upvoting - Topic groups, if you know any other article about ZeroNet please, post here

Changelog: Mar 5, 2015

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  • Connection pinging and timeout
    • Request timeout
    • Verify content at signing (size, allowed files)
    • Smarter coffeescript recompile
    • More detailed stats

- Topic upvote - Even more source code realign

ZeroTalk upvote

Changelog: Mar 1, 2015

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- Reordered source code to allow more more feature in the future - Links starting with automatically converted to relative links (proxy support) - Comment reply (by clicking on comment's creation date)