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I understand that many people do not care about reading politics. And that's why in the main blog I was constantly twitching - to write or not to write :) And then I thought it was ZeroNet. Cloning here blogs is easier than you can say Blueberry pie. And I decided for a policy to have a separate blog.

For those who do not know me, a little background. I live in Russia, I know English very badly, mostly just as a reader of technical documentation. Therefore, I followed the development of electronic translators for a long time and with interest. About two years ago they reached a level allowing more or less successfully communicate in English-language forums on an arbitrary topic. To discuss technical issues, Russian forums are usually enough. To argue on different philosophical topics is boring - a lot of text, but there is little sense :) But I found that it is interesting to me to communicate in the Western political community. The Russian information community is very open to information from the West, so I can not find anything new in this sense. But on the contrary - in the West they very badly imagine what is happening in Russia. All information from the Western reader is only from the media, and in any media, information is always very distorted. So I started to communicate in American political forums :)

Quite quickly it turned out that simply arguing in different topics is an ungrateful occupation. Anyone who is ready to perceive new information, does it right away. Who does not want to - that can not be persuaded. Especially when communicating through an electronic translator. As a result, after two years of communication, I came to foreign forums in a format similar to the blog. I have selected separate topics, such as "Voice of Russia" or "Point of View. A look from the other side, "where he began to occasionally write some facts that interested me, comment on events, and so on. Well, answer direct questions, without getting involved in a prolonged flame.

And since the blog-like format appeared, it's a sin not to have similar pages on Facebook and ZeroNet :) That's just me and in the FB and ZN tried to avoid sharp political issues, because English-language blogs there tried to lead more personal than political. And, if with Facebook, I have not decided this question for myself yet, in ZeroNet the problem is easily solved by cloning the blog :)

Hello! Meet the new blog! :)


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Hello World!

My blog about #Blender #FreeSoftware #Filmmaking #Movies


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Welcome to my small blog Hope you enjoy this emptiness. (Content will be added soon - stay tuned) Also visit: (ZeroNet link soon) Update: My page is now also available on /web

Welcome to the void

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Don't let the void frighten you...

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Учитывая лёгкость клонирования в ZeroNet можно считать каждый новый блог просто категорией блогов в классическом блоговедении.

И чтобы не мусорить всяким мало интересным офтопиком в других местах, буду кидать всё подряд, что нужно для каких-то разовых вещей сюда.

Olá você, ligado aqui no blog do hétero! Hoje vou falar sobre mim-eu. Não sei portugues muito bem, não vou acentuar tudo, foda-se vc se não gostar, vai ser tudo coloquial