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Changelog: Feb 24, 2015

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  • Version 0.2.4
    • New, experimental network code and protocol
    • peerPing and peerGetFile commands
    • Connection share and reuse between sites
    • Don't retry bad file more than 3 times in 20 min
    • Multi-threaded include file download
    • Really shuffle peers before publish
    • Simple internal stats page:
    • Publish bugfix for sites with more then 10 peers

If someone on very limited resources its recommended to wait some time until most of the peers is updates to new network code, because the backward compatibility is a little bit tricky and using more memory.

Changelog: Feb 19, 2015

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  • Version 0.2.3
    • One click source code download from github, auto unpack and restart
    • Randomize peers before publish and work start
    • Switched to upnpc-shared.exe it has better virustotal reputation (4/53 vs 19/57)



  • Topics also sorted by topic creation date

New content and file changes propagation is a bit broken yet. Already working on better network code that also allows passive content publishing. It will be out in 1-2 weeks.

Changelog: Feb 16, 2015

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Feb 16:
- Version 0.2.2 - LocalStorage support using WrapperAPI - Bugfix in user management

- Topics ordered by date of last post - Mark updated topics since your last visit


Changelog: Feb 14, 2015

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  • Version 0.2.1
    • Site size limit: Default 10MB, asks permission to store more, test it here: ZeroNet windows requirement
    • Browser open wait until UiServer started
    • Peer numbers stored in sites.json for faster warmup
    • Silent WSGIHandler error
    • siteSetLimit WrapperAPI command
    • Grand ADMIN permission to wrapperframe


  • Site modify time also include sub-file changes (ZeroTalk last comment)
  • Better changetime date format

Changelog: Feb 11, 2015

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ZeroTalk: - Link-type posts - You can Edit or Delete your previous Comments and Topics - Uploaded source code to github

Changelog: Feb 10, 2015

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  • Progressive publish timeout based on file size
    • Better tracker error log
    • Viewport support in content.json and ZeroFrame API to allow better mobile device layout
    • Escape ZeroFrame notification messages to avoid js injection
    • Allow select all data in QueryJson

ZeroTalk: - Display topic's comment number and last comment time (requires ZeroNet today's commits from github) - Mobile device optimized layout

Changelog: Feb 9, 2015

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  • Version 0.2.0
    • New bitcoin ECC lib (pybitcointools)
    • Hide notify errors
    • Include support for content.json
    • File permissions (signer address, filesize, allowed filenames)
    • Multisig ready, new, Bitcoincore compatible sign format
    • Faster, multi threaded content publishing
    • Multiuser, ready, BIP32 based site auth using bitcoin address/privatekey
    • Simple json file query language
    • Websocket api fileGet support

- Decentralized forum demo - Permission request/username registration - Everyone has an own file that he able to modify, sign and publish decentralized way, without contacting the site owner - Topic creation - Per topic commenting

ZeroTalk screenshot

Changelog: Jan 29, 2015

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The default tracker ( is down since yesterday and its resulting some warning messages. To make it disappear please update to latest version from GitHub.

ZeroNet: - Added better tracker error handling - Updated alive trackers list (if anyone have more, please let us know)

If you want to stay updated about the project status:
We have created a @HelloZeronet Twitter account

Changelog: Jan 27, 2015

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ZeroNet * You can use to start zeronet and open in browser automatically * Send timeout 50sec (workaround for some strange problems until we rewrite the network code without zeromq) * Reworked Websocket API to make it unified and allow named and unnamed parameters * Reload content.json when changed using fileWrite API command * Some typo fix

ZeroBlog * Allow edit post on mainpage * Also change blog title in content.json when modified using inline editor

ZeroHello * Update failed warning changed to No peers found when seeding own site.

Changelog: Jan 25, 2015

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ZeroNet - Utf-8 site titles fixed - Changes in DebugMedia merger to allow faster, node.js based coffeescript compiler

ZeroBlog - Inline editor rewritten to simple textarea, so copy/paste, undo/redo now working correctly - Read more button to folded posts with --- - ZeroBlog running in demo mode, so anyone can try the editing tools - Base html tag fixed - Markdown cheat-sheet - Confirmation if you want to close the browser tab while editing

How to update your running blog? - Backup your content.json and data.json files - Copy the files in the data/1BLogC9LN4oPDcruNz3qo1ysa133E9AGg8 directory to your site.