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Idea for IFPS users

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I have an idea how to make my IPFS readers see painted smiles instead of =) =D xP etc... I'll just add IMG tag with a link to ipfs image and ALT property with a text smile. Why not to give smiles to everyone? 1. Coz I don't want to! 2. Becaise that would increase the load on or and I don't want that. Guys provide us with great services for free. We have to respect that.

IPFS VS. ZeroNet

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I'm still thinking what to use to post images here. If I copy images to img folder and sing it (requires ZeroNet restart), ppl would need to store all those pictures. That suck. Even if we are talking about 50 kb per screenshot and 2 MB per photo, that add up into quite a lot if this blog is going to last. And that's IF ZeroNet supports files over 1 MB (wich it does AFAIR).

On the other hand, I could use IPFS. Bad news here is that browser redirect plugin is not working with ZeroNet and I need either to step on my own throat and use or without relying on ipfs browser plugin (the whole idea of ipfs is destroyed) or to do what I've done in previous post: copy an "embed" link from, modify img src to lead to localhost and add img alt to tell ppl that their ipfs is in trouble, but they can still see the image by clicking on it.

Yes. I'm gonna chose the second one. If you have a better idea or just wanna say something, I'll be glad to read your comments!

P.S. so many posts/time because I'm glad that my blog is alive after all the troubles xD

New troubles

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  • NEVER EVER add scripts to the page controlled by scripts with page's interface.

What hapened:

  1. I wated to add a picture from IFFS network into this blog by embedding it.
  2. For some reason, redirecting plugin does not work here. I don't know why, it just does not. So I decided to make a spoiler that would hide a picture, accessed with and display a picture hosted on That way, a picture would be visible if a viewer had IPFS running and ready to be viewed (in the spoiler) if a user had no IPFS.
  3. I could not find a simple solution like some html tag or markdown tag or smth else, so I've added a script inside a text field.
  4. Damn script worked! Well... Not exactly. It would work if it was a working script. But instead it killed all the scripts on the page that were loaded after text field.
  5. I've tried fixing it by deleting the sctipt from data.json. I forgot that this file (if does not pass checking) is downloaded from other peers. So 3-4 times I've eraced that script again and again until I realised what I should do.
  6. I opened ZeroBlog and looked up how to sign a site from the console. Shut down ZeroNet, edited the script and signed the site.
  7. That's where the fun started! My blog was alright by the time thought I did not know that because due to some bug(?) in ZeroNet I had an old version of the page (cached?) inside Zero. (Yes, I cleaned up browser's cache several times.)
  8. I realised that only after I opened the site in my tablet. THANKS YOU GUYS FOR SEEDING MY SITE BACK TO ME!!!
  9. after some dumb "change that, delete that", I've deleted the whole site and downloaded it from the network (thanks again!)
  10. I need some time to relax now... It's my first blog and I almost killed it... Just when guys started to say "ok, I got the link, gonna open it" and "I've added your blog to the index" and stuff like that. Damn stress...

Do I really learn everything the hard way? OK, it's a wrong question after 22 years of doing that... Do I like that? (That's better!)

Today's achievements

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I'm not sure that it's right to keep such things in separate posts, but hey, I'm a noob here. Always used twitter and twister. Sorry.


sorry, my nerves are weak -_-

Today's troubles

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I'm more and more tired of Visual Studio's constantly rising desire for my drives. All that damn thing does is installing updates, upgrades, extensions and language packs. And all I need is an effective way to code JS and HTML. Well, yes, GitHub support is awesome, but it's not essential for now.

Click of non-IPFS image And right after that... If you see this, there is a problem with your IPFS. Click to see non-IPFS version

I know what I want to do!!! Let's do that!! (What was I thinking a minute ago?)

Constant generation of ideas inside my head is cool, but my memory amount is... how to put it... ok, it suck that's how. So I draw pictures, diagrams and write my core ideas down. Does it help? Not really. Still I can't keep track of all the micro ideas that jump all around my head.

And the most painfull thing about it - even when I do manage to do stuff right, I don't have enough energy to stick to a single project for a long tome. That way I restarted my initial "Find a House" thing (idea: put 3 objects on a playfield - player (triangle), scenery object (box), and a game object (house made of a box and a triangle)) about 2-3 times, every time making the code more and more complex, and in the end abandoning the thing and starting a new (really new - new idea) project from scratch.

P.S. I never posted posts to a real blog before, so I expect my first posts to be short.

What's wrong with READMEs

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I spend a lot of time testing new softwares, and I have to read a lot of README files. But, really often, I find bad repositories, with bad formatted readme. Or worse, no README at all. What the fuck ? How I am supposed to figure out how your code works if you don't give me a fucking clue ? But, sometimes, I see other big issues on readmes. First, the README.txt files on GitHub. HAVE YOU EVER WATCHED YOUR REPO ? Your shit is not parsed! GitHub only recognizes .md extension, and it's cool. Markdown is older than GitHub, even than git itself! What's wrong with you ? Why are you using inconsistent file extensions without any style ?

Well, bad file extensions are bad, but not very common. I want to tell you about something really really nastier: fucking $ in bash command lines, like that:

$ git clone <> --depth=1 kinto-instance && cd kinto-instance
$ heroku create && git push heroku master
$ heroku open

What the fuck ? Have you ever used it ? Have you ever tried to copy-paste the lines ? What's wrong with you ? It's dirty and the argument "But with this, you know it's bash command lines" is bullshit. Learn how to use fucking markdown.

```bash THIS means it's bash command lines
$ Not that !

So please, go fix your readme and open pull requests on repositories that do not respect conventions. It's good for you and it saves ponies.

Let's talk about shebangs

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Shebangs are pretty useful. It allows you to tell which interpreter will be used. But, really often, you see misformed, dirty shebangs.


This is bad. Depending on the computer, it could work. Or maybe the exec path of bash is /bin/bash. Or maybe it's not system-wide installed. You have to use this kind of shebangs:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

With this one, no problem. It will find the execution path correctly. But, I often see other dirty things. Something pretty awful, specitic to python language. Today, there are two versions of python still maintained and widely used. They are python2 and python3. Even if python3 is 8 years old, a lot of people are still using python2. Why not. It's probably not the best thing to do, but using a language based on indentation is basically a bad idea. The problem is that depending on the machine, python may redirect to python2 OR python3, YOU CANNOT KNOW. It's why you HAVE TO use one of the following:

#!/usr/bin/env python2
#!/usr/bin/env python3

Note that you have also access to python2.7 and python3.5, but they are not really interesting, because if the guy updates his python to python3.6 when it will be available, your code will not work anymore.

chatroom: ZeroMedia.bit

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There's now running an irc-like room here:   ZeroMedia.bit

I set the topic as:   > discussing "stuff" from media

which means: - people can post interesting articles with some short excerpt - and, who has the time (or energy) can comment it

topic boundaries: - "stuff" can be basically anything. BUT: we should also assume that a small kid may read here. - SO: not everything may be appropriate - For people who know me: I was thinking more like what I do on twister, you know when I quote stuff and post a link. This is an example.


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Hi all, here is my blog. I will share some tips here, and a little bit of rage, too.