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Changelog: Apr 20, 2015

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  • Revision 115
    • For faster pageload times allow browser cache on css/js/font files
    • Support for experimental chrome extension that allows to browse zeronet sites using http://talk.zeronetwork.bit and/or http://zero/1Name2NXVi1RDPDgf5617UoW7xA6YrhM9F
    • Allow to browse memory content in /Stats
    • Peers uses Site's logger to save some memory
    • Give not-that-good peers on initial PEX if required
    • Allows more than one --ui_restrict ip address
    • Disable ssl monkey patching to avoid ssl error in Debian Jessie
    • Fixed websocket error when writing not-allowed files
    • Fixed bigsite file not found error
    • Fixed loading screen stays on screen even after index.html loaded


  • Site links converted to -less if using chrome extension

direct domains

Changelog: Apr 17, 2015

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  • Revision 101
    • Revision numbering between version
    • Allow passive publishing
    • Start Zeronet when Windows starts option to system tray icon
    • Add peer ping time to publish timeout
    • Passive connected peers always get the updates
    • Pex count bugfix
    • Changed the topright button hamburger utf8 character to more supported one and removed click anim
    • Passive peers only need 3 connection
    • Passive connection store on tracker bugfix
    • Not exits file bugfix
    • You can compare your computer speed (bitcoin crypto, sha512, sqlite access) to mine: :)


  • Only quote the last message
  • Message height bugfix


  • Changed the burger icon to more supported one
  • Added revision display

Changelog: Apr 16, 2015

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Apr 15:

  • Version 0.2.9
  • To get rid of dead ips only send peers over pex that messaged within 2 hour
  • Only ask peers from 2 sources using pex every 20 min
  • Fixed mysterious notification icon disappearings
  • Mark peers as bad if publish is timed out (5s+)

Changelog: Apr 15, 2015

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  • Sexy system tray icon with statistics instead of ugly console. (sorry, Windows only yet)
    • Total sent/received bytes stats
    • Faster connections and publishing by don't send passive peers using PEX and don't store them on trackers

Tray icon

Changelog: Apr 14, 2015

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  • Experimental socks proxy support (Tested using Tor)
    • Tracker-less peer exchange between peers
    • Http bittorrent tracker support
    • Option to disable udp connections (udp tracker)
    • Other stability/security fixes

To use ZeroNet over Tor network start it with --proxy --disable_udp

It's still an experimental feature, there is lot work/fine tuning needed to make it work better and more secure (eg. by supporting hidden service peer addresses to allow connection between Tor clients). In this mode you can only access to sites where there is at least one peer with peer exchange support. (client updated to latest commit)

If no more bug found i'm going to tag it as 0.2.9 in the next days.

Changelog: Apr 9, 2015

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  • Packaged windows dependencies for windows to make it easier to install: ZeroBundle
    • ZeroName site downloaded at startup, so first .bit domain access is faster.
    • Fixed updater bug. (argh)

Changelog: Apr 7, 2015

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  • Fix for big sites confirmation display
    • Total objects in memory stat
    • Memory optimizations
    • Retry bad files in every 20min
    • Load files to db when executing external siteSign command
    • Fix for endless reconnect bug


  • Added experimental P2P new bot
  • Bumped size limit to 20k for every user :)
  • Reply button

Experimenting/researching possibilities of i2p/tor support (probably using DHT)

Any help/suggestion/idea greatly welcomed: github issue

Changelog: Apr 2, 2015

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  • Better passive mode by making sure to keep 5 active connections
    • Site connection and msgpack unpacker stats
    • No more sha1 hash added to content.json (it was only for backward compatibility with old clients)
    • Keep connection logger object to prevent some exception
    • Retry upnp port opening 3 times
    • Publish received content updates to more peers to make sure the better distribution


  • Changed edit icon to more clear pencil
  • Single line breaks also breaks the line

Changelog: Mar 29, 2015

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  • Version 0.2.8
    • Namecoin (.bit) domain support!
    • Possible to disable backward compatibility with old version to save some memory
    • Faster content publishing (commenting, posting etc.)
    • Display error on internal server errors
    • Better progress bar
    • Crash and bugfixes
    • Removed coppersurfer tracker (its down atm), added eddie4
    • Sorry, the auto updater broken for this version: please overwrite your current file with the latest one from github, run it and restart ZeroNet.
    • Fixed updater



  • New site for resolving namecoin domains and display registered ones

ZeroName ZeroHello

  • Automatically links to site's domain names if its specificed in content.json domain field

Changelog: Mar 23, 2015

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  • Version 0.2.7
    • Plugin system: Allows extend ZeroNet without modify the core source
    • Comes with 3 plugin:
    • Multiuser: User login/logout based on BIP32 master seed, generate new master seed on visit (disabled by default to enable it just remove the disabled- from the directory name)
    • Stats: /Stats url moved to separate plugin for demonstration reasons
    • DonationMessage: Puts a little donation link to the bottom of every page (disabled by default)
    • Reworked module import system
    • Lazy user auth_address generatation
    • Allow to send prompt dialog to user from server-side
    • Update script remembers plugins enabled/disabled status
    • Multiline notifications
    • Cookie parser

ZeroHello in multiuser mode:

  • Logout button
  • Identicon generated based on logined user xpub address