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Is ZeroNet dead from 2016?

Statistics on the number of posts in blogs that I found and posts which I collect at

Indeed, in 2017 the message was three times less than in 2016.

2018-01-25_22-24-21.png (160x221)

blinkel: Еще не доехала камера? :)

Доехала как раз в Старый Новый год :) Только всё не соберусь нормально причесать и выложить фотки. Вчерновую так получается.

Пластиды коланхоэ, как в предыдущем посте, самодельный препарат:

ActiveMovie_Window_2018-01-14_14-22-41.jpg (1200x668)

Увеличение в лоб на экране не сравнить, в прошлом посте это был кроп, а тут — полный кадр. При 40x объективе получается намного крупнее, но там видно, что объектив «не тянет» уже. Деталей никаких :)

Кончик корня какого-то растения из набора готовых препаратов:

Still005.jpg (1200x900)

Кусок поперечного среза сосновой иголки из готовых препаратов:

Still002.jpg (1200x675)

Камера определяется как простая вебка. Судя по том, что под Linux тоже заработала «из коробки», на UVC-протоколе. Только без родного софта непонятно как параметры настраивать. Там куча настроек от разрешения и частоты кадров до всякого такого:

_________2018-01-14_17-49-10.png (473x397)

Но я всё равно сейчас под Windows использую, так что не принципиально :)

Mastodon и японцы

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assash: Попытки использовать мастадон закончились вечным чтением иероглифов)

Mastodon и язык основных участников :)

2018-01-24_15-29-34.png (334x930)​​​​​​​

Notes Update Log

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24/01/18 Setup A Clearnet Proxy for ZeroNet add Edit 1: more secure way to start ZeroNet server for clearnet thanks to Lxpz's config.

30/12/17 My ZeroBlog Goes Dark Now add Edit 1: now I also provide an option to view my blog in white theme, simply click the link in left panel for it.

13/12/17 Add Experimental History Diff to the Current ZeroWiki add ZeroHello feed query code and screenshot. A Dark Theme for ZeroNet add json format of the style and new method to install and update the dark theme.

10/12/17 Some Experience with Pebble Time Recently add Edit 2: List of highest funded crowdfunding projects from Wikipedia.

15/11/17 Updated ZeroBlog with Tag Index and Mobile Support source code is now available on Git Center.

11/11/17 ZeroMessage: ZeroChat as a Widget for Any Zite! improve code for better compatibility again and easier installation (still a little buggy for ZeroBlog, etc), also now you can check my messy repo on Git Center for the changes.

29/10/17 The Ultimate ZeroNet Mobile Guide add alert for ZeroNet-kivy Android app.

09/10/17 Some Experiments about ZeroHello Feed add PS1, I can receive feed from ZeroMail now, but meaningless.

25/09/17 Some Experiments about ZeroHello Feed add an example to follow new ZeroNet-related topics on ZeroTalk.

25/09/17 Tutorial: How to Fetch Twitter Profile and Read it Offline add two tips to handle progress hanging problem.

23/09/17 A Dark Theme For ZeroNet add privacy alert for Chrome version of Stylish plugin.

20/09/17 ZeroMessage: ZeroChat as a Widget for Any Zite! improve code for better compatibility (still buggy for ZeroBlog, afaik code related to siteinfo is in conflict with ZeroBlog, have no solution yet), add PS2 (Follow button and how to only follow username mention).

01/08/17 A Dark Theme For ZeroNet fix ZeroHello, Independent Scroll for Panel in ZeroHello is also fixed for new ZeroHello. The Ultimate ZeroNet Mobile Guide remove ZeroHello from ZeroNet mobile userscript :>

24/07/17 The Ultimate ZeroNet Mobile Guide change Note 1 to a harmless method, also add more explanation to browser recommendation.

19/07/17 Independent Scroll for Panel in ZeroHello fix a bug that feedlist keeps autoloading, but also the right topbar and searchbar are not pinned anymore.

12/07/17 ZeroMessage: ZeroChat as a Widget for Any+Zite! add PS1, extra step for zite that already has dbschema.json.

23/06/17 Playing Jekyll ~ add "a phote gallery zite by Jekyll"

09/06/17 Language Sorting for ZeroTalk adds PS (dream tool to sort languages).

30/05/17 Language Sorting for ZeroTalk adds Point 4.

17/05/17 Check if a zite connects to clearnet adds PS2 (relative info and link)

08/05/17 ZeroMe Feed Bot adds summary limited to 300 characters.

28/04/17 ZeroMe Feed Bot adds troubleshooting for a bug that the script sometimes hangs up.

27/04/17 A Dark Theme For ZeroNet changes code host.

23/04/17 ZeroMe Feed Bot step 2 and step 5 add PS (One-line command and another way to repeat command).

17/02/17 Profile changed to "Messy Notes about using Zeronet and other things", so this ~~blog~~ notebook will also cover some other things, mainly some gnu/linux tweaks I guess.

15/02/17 Userscript to filter users on ZeroMe adds PS4.

03/02/17 Userscript to filter users on ZeroMe improves the script and adds PS3.

01/02/17 ZeroNet+on+a+Raspberry+Pi+2 adds PS (solution) to Try to add --ui_restrict argument, but failed, log said "too few arguments." and to "Other issues".

01/02/17 Userscript to filter 'Hello ZeroMe!' posts on ZeroMe adds PS, the feature is officially supported now.

06/01/17 A Dark Theme For ZeroNet adds two screenshots

22/12/16 ZeroNet+on+a+Raspberry+Pi+2 adds solution to ZeroMail always has one file that updates failed.

~~PS: I change the date of this note to 2022 :3 I guess it can pin on the top for a while ~~~ (tip: remove timestamp and save it to renew date)

A bit on my worldviews

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Someone on patchwork/ssb asked about my worldviews, since I mentioned possibly starting a religion or something. Here's what I ended up writing. Most of it is about my views, how I arrived at them, what I think of life, some religious/spiritual views, etc. It's all good stuff, and I encourage everyone to give it a read, and hopefully explore the worldviews I mentioned if you don't hold them yourself. Or, if you think I'm wrong, feel free to debate me on any of the views.

My problem isn't religion. It's immoral, unethical, etc. views being pushed as being a sort of 'divine' knowledge. Along with a lack of knowledge, and a worldview that actually discourages questioning, critical thought, and curiosity.

I've always loved the unity, community, etc. aspects of religion. Things like having a shared worldview, a quick identifier to find people who have similar beliefs, etc. Something I've always kinda envied. And as such, I kept digging for a religion that kinda fit my beliefs. Alas, I found nothing.

Now, I'm not a theist. Of any sense of the word. I usually use the label ignostic or igtheist. But in practice I'm a gnostic atheist for most definitions of 'god'. More recently I had picked up reincarnation, and a sort of "all is one" type view, which I find a lot of atheists absolutely disagree on, sometimes in a very hostile manner.

So to outline some of my beliefs and views...

Basically the foundation and underlying views I've always had are: life is precious and something we should pursue and keep alive. And that knowledge and information are good. Curiosity is good. And improving oneself and the world is good. Those tenants have kind of spiraled out into a whole cohesive worldview that I now hold, albeit i haven't really got it on paper yet.

The most obvious followup was transhumanism. Transhumanism focuses on an improvement of life, increasing longevity, and ultimately making society and humanity as a whole better. I can't see any reason why someone would be against transhumanism if they properly understood it.

Minimalism, anti-consumerism, and general anti-capitalism was the next I had found. Capitalism and mindless consumerism as a whole was unsustainable, and just overall made life worse. I didn't at the time connect these to my worldviews, I just thought they were good to pursue for myself. They lead into a sort of "clean habitat, clean mind" kind of thing. Helps promote clearer thought, clear distinct actions, less clutter and waste, etc. All good stuff. Efficiency is good, as we noted with transhumanism and the basic core tenants.

From there I started learning about sustainability, green energy, renewable resources, and recycling. These help protect the planet, reduce waste, improve efficiency, and ultimately allow for the same finite resources on the planet to go further. And given entropy and the heat death of the universe, maximizing efficiency and reducing waste is the best way to ensure survival for as long as possible. Absolutely needed to improve the lifespan of humanity.

At some point I started adopting anarchist views, and became an anarchist. This was some time after I had watched the Zeitgeist films, and realized a technological utopia based on sustainability was indeed possible. Along with that, I saw the flaws in capitalism, the flaws in government, and my growing support of decentralization. In the anarchist spaces I learned about a wonderful concept that I now hold as one of my core worldviews: solidarity. I love the entire idea of it. Helping one another, and ultimately having each others backs to help build large strong networks to push forward and thrive. What's not to love? It melds right in with decentralization, helps foster a sort of communal effort, etc. Anarchism helps avoid the violence, coercive hierarchies, etc.

From there, as most people who know me could tell you: I got into decentralization, p2p networks, etc. I've always known torrents were effective ways of transferring files. And with growing p2p/decentralized networks, it's sort of solidified the concept in my mind. Decentralization works. And anarchism goes right with it, hand in hand.

Most recently, I've been slowly migrating to an "information is good" stance. Again, this has sort of been a running theme with me. I'm intensely curious, and very interested in understanding, knowing, etc. And to share that knowledge with everyone. I learned of sci-hub and now support it completely. I loved the wikileaks stuff. I had done self-tracking in the past, and am thinking of pursuing it moreso. The film "the circle" (2017) helped foster this view a bit.

Though I ran into a roadblock a bit here. Information and tracking is directly at odds with something most of my peers support: privacy. So I set out to ask about privacy, why it should be a thing, what good will it do in an ideal society, etc. I got crickets. It was only ever fears of current society (flawed), or appeals to emotion. What of the benefits of knowledge? What of the amazing nature that is self-tracking? Privacy, IMO, is flawed. There's no way to control information. We've seen that time and time again. Information wants to be free. So privacy is a losing battle with no real benefits.

So that's it. My core views as best as I understand them. I've been looking into veganism, and 'future' food sources like soylent that are nutritionally perfect. I'd like to reduce the amount of life we kill. I'm having a hard time finding the ideal solution here.

Reincarnation was accepted, due to my understanding of physics, reality, my own observations, quantum mechanics, etc. Though it's more of a sort of "all is one" type view. And that reinforces the "do no harm" view, which is why I've been looking into veganism.

All the while throughout all this, I was really into motivational stuff, discipline, self-help, etc. The core idea I got out of it was "act now". Do actions as soon as they come to mind. Initiate things as soon as possible to prevent constant delays.

In terms of soul/spirit/whatever, looking inward I have only recognized qualia. No subjective 'observer'. Qualia is the only subjective thing that exists. And I'm starting to suspect it might not be something everyone has. However, with qualia we can derive that reincarnation is like the best guess. The many worlds interpretation is true. Among other things.

I had found kopimism, which reiterates my views and beliefs on information. However, it contradicts itself with regard to privacy. But I liked what it had to say about life and reality. That really jived with me. That life is just constantly duplicated, improving itself, remixing. Constant duplication, replication, enhancement, survival. And once I started thinking of life this way, the 'spiritual' thing hit me. I finally understood what people were going on about. This sort of "connected with the world" type view.

I had thought a lot about the origins of the universe, how things came into being. And I arrived at really only one answer: this 'duplication'. The universe must exist because if nothing exists, then the concept of nothing exists. You have 0, and 0 is 1, and with 1 and 0 you can derive math, the universe, physics, etc. I had watched a video on the Banach Tarski paradox (here: and that really helped solidify these views. You can duplicate, and multiply just with a single 'thing'. And I've identified this sort of struggle to survive and duplicate as 'life'. Since that's all really life is anyway, right?

And with transhumanism we can recognize qualia, subjectiveness, and our 'conscious self' is really just information and patterns/math, not actually any particular physical thing. Which is why stuff like mind uploading is possible. I realized that we are kinda information. And thus everything kinda clicked. Information is good, it needs to be free, duplicated, improved, remixed. And life is like that as well. Keep life alive, improve it, remix it, duplicate it, etc.

Efficiency and minimalism come back as seemingly opposite to this, but it's best to realize we do still have finite limits at the moment, and efficiency will allow more life with less resources. A net win.

So there it is. You have the universe existing from this concept, you have physics, math, logic all with this. You have the multiverse, life within it, consciousness, qualia, etc. And a sort of 'all is one', and a 'support all life' worldview. Act quickly as entropy is against us.

So what is this worldview and 'religion' called? Anything? Hopefully it's clear, as I just kinda wrote down my experiences and how I came to my views. I've been looking through various worldviews and beliefs, but couldn't find anything like it. How could no one else figure out these same basic core views? Looking back, they seem so obvious. They're self-evident, they're pro-life, pro-human. They lead to successful systems, successful lives, and longevity.

I'm at a loss. I worked hard to arrive at the truth. Where is everyone else? Did I somehow pass them in my search? I see vegans, but they don't have consistent views. I see atheists, but they stopped questioning and only cared about the theism question. I see anarchists, but they're of all different faiths and often support privacy instead of information. Has no one else actually sought a proper worldview like this?

I keep feeling like it must be somewhere. Someone must have arrived at these views before me. So I keep looking. Maybe I missed something. Maybe I got lost somewhere. I double check, triple check my views. Nothing. No mistakes, no flaws, no problems. My understanding of neuroscience, philosophy, metaphysics, quantum mechanics, economics, etc. are all spot on. Is it a values thing? I only really started with the idea that life is good and should be improved and protected. Does everyone else have different core ideas?

Perhaps no one actually sought truth like I did? So now I'm thinking, maybe I should start a religion. With these 'common sense' views it could honestly be one of the fastest growing. So that's where I'm at now. Struggling to get on my feet in life so I can pursue my views, and trying to figure out what to call this mess of ideas and ideals. Any help would be appreciated. I feel like I keep running into roadblocks. What is the exact nature of qualia? How do we know what the next 'flow' is after death? I realize time is static and deterministic, but there's clearly a flow and subjective nature to it. Why is "this" the thing I'm observing now? Why does it appear that the past is changing. Is the past changing? Perhaps I've been lead wrong on my materialism. Perhaps idealism is correct? Maybe we're just sliding between multiple worldlines and my views are right after all. But if so, why is that happening? Can entropy be defeated? How so?

We have an origin, we have a cause, we have a purpose. Survive, thrive, evolve, improve, enhance. Is it all just for ensuring survival of life? Is that even necessary? Perhaps life is just an endless struggle always ending in failure?

Either way, the goal seems clear to me by this point: overcome the natural universe in an effort to live and survive. Entropy and physics may be against us, but life has always found a way.

That's my views in a nutshell. All life is precious, so we should protect it. We should improve ourselves, and brace ourselves for what biology, physics, and nature have in store for us; not squabble over petty bullshit like who 'owns' what, or who gets the most of something. You'll be dead soon unless we figure out the most pressing issue of our time: aging.


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You probably know that zite publishing can be a terrible experience for newcomers. Because one's zite can't have any peer if s/he don't ask others to help seed it, and it's horrible when his port is close or falsely displays as opened (this happened to me, my ISP doesn't allow to open port, but sometimes it displays as opened, click re-check then it's gone, sometimes click re-check and it's still opened...).

I haven't checked the code about how zite publishing works, but I'm experienced about it and know quite some tricks, I list them here so that someone may find them useful:

If your 15441 port is truly opened, after you published your zite, others can click the link you posted somewhere, make a request to your computer and download the zite. You may need to publish your zite one more time so they can receive all files (not confirmed).

If your port is close or falsely opened, others can only (afaik) download your zite at the same time when you are publishing it. It doesn't work asynchronously. And here are some solutions:

  • Use a clearnet proxy, public proxy list is available on ZeroWiki, but there are quite some dragons there and they can die quickly, and because of Meltdown/Spectre, I seldom touch untrusty clearnet Javascript now. Besides, you can set up one by yourself. Here is a tutorial: Deploy ZeroNet to Heroku as a public proxy service in one click, and host it for free! (I haven't tried it because I already host one on my personal VPS, here is my Nginx setting), the traffic can soar up if you allow random user to download and upload bigfiles (it can also soar up if you help seeding quite some big files, like my VPS below, this is a problem for Scuttlebutt too, there is a p2p audio publishing and streaming application called ferment but currently public pub is offline because of huge bandwidth).

stats_vps.jpg (0x0)

  • Copy the files of your zite to another machine at a different place (aka not in the same local network), the file location is /path/to/zeronet/data/YOUR_ZITE_AUTH_ADDRESS. Also run ZeroNet server there, then you can directly publish your zite to it and have an initial peer. You can either use ssh or ask a friend to help you. We can share zites in this way, but it's not secure (virus, zip bomb, etc)

  • Use VPS to transfer your data to a machine that has an open port:

    ssh -L 43110: -N username@remote (idea from weakish). So you again need a good VPS from a good provider for it. Here is a more complicated version mentioned in one of his posts:

    sudo sh -c 'echo GatewayPorts yes' >> /etc/ssh/sshd_config
    sudo service sshd restart # On some OSes, replace `sshd` with `ssh`.

    ssh -2 -N -R 15441: -A -D 1080 root@REMOTE_IP tsocks python

For helping seeding all optional files of a zite, drag the "0" button to the left and check "Download and help distribute all files". If you want to contribute more, there are quite some options when starting ZeroNet server: --download_optional {manual,auto}, --optional_limit GB or free space %, --autodownload_bigfile_size_limit MB.

Check python2 --help for details.

Another thing worth mentioning is that after you successfully published your zite, actually you only successfully published content.json but not all files. And because all kinds of network problem, some files may fail to publish. You can use another machine (a different ZeroNet instance in your computer is also ok) to help check if all files are successfully published.

That's all I guess. Hope it's helpful :)

  • Improve ZeroName to protect zite owner and visitor

    • Give users a warning when the domain name doesn't match the auth address in sites.json, and the notification presents both old auth address and new auth address for user.
    • Store old auth addresses (and available to display peer count) in ZeroName, and list all of them when a user opens a .bit address, for solving the situation that .bit address gets posted in other place but not any more redirects to the original zite.
  • Crawl ZeroName

  • Crawled zites display in ZeroSites

  • Opt: don't allow submit .bit address on ZeroSites, .bit address can be only crawled from ZeroName.

  • Zites that were crawled can't be crawled anymore (if possible to implement).

  • Opt: list of users who crawls most zites, reward user namecoin when a new zite is successfully crawled.

  • Zites with same auth address, only zite with highest peer count is displayed, others can be viewed within a drawer.

  • Opt: help seed new .bit domain zite, and crawl auth address zite in ZeroSites for helping seed new zites (dangerous as some zites may include illegal content).

Others including me can help implement it, too :D


1210_1_.jpg (1210x600)

Ударения --- наше всё. Можно делать вид, что вы грамотный и начитанный в переписках. Но в устном разговоре открывается правда. И приходится тут же себя поправлять и даже неловко спрашивать у собеседника, как правильно. ЗвОнить совсем непростительно. И, надеемся, вы оставили эту дурную привычку в прошлом. А остальное --- реально запомнить.

Правильно: сосед сверлИт стены по субботам

Таким соседям нет прощения. Особенно если он задумал повесить картину ранним субботним утром. Глагол «сверлить» очень похож на другой вредный глагол «звонить». Да-да, тот самый. В настоящем времени ударение в глаголах, похожих на «звонить» (наш случай), падает всегда на последний слог: сверлЮ, сверлИшь, сверлИт, сверлИм, сверлИте, сверлЯт. А в прошедшем на последнюю гласную основы: сверлИл, сверлИла, сверлИли и так далее. Сверлите, в общем, грамотно. И не в выходные. И не утром.

Правильно: у тебя скоро сыр заплЕсневеет

Неприятный глагол во всех отношениях. Хотя некоторые даже такой сыр едят! И специально выращивают плесень на уроках биологии, чтобы потом в микроскоп посмотреть. В общем, ближе к делу. В глаголе «заплесневеть» ударение падает на второй слог: плЕсень --- заплЕсневеть. И не важно, меняется ли форма глагола или нет.

Правильно: мне пломбировАли зуб

Пломбировать тоже очень серьёзный глагол. Например, с его помощью что-то запечатывают или вставляют пломбу в зуб. Жаль, что даже стоматологи неправильно произносят это слово. Так что знайте: зуб (и не только зуб) пломбирУют.

Правильно: пятиклассник принялсЯ за домашнюю работу

С окончаниями в прошедшем времени особенно сложно. Кажется, что оно стоит неправильно. Или просто вокруг часто говорят неправильно, вот и кажется. Ударение в глаголе «принЯться» в прошедшем времени падает на последний слог: принялсЯ, принялАсь, принялИсь и так далее. Словари допускают вариант «принЯлся» (и никак не «прИнялся», но большинство называют литературным именно «принялсЯ». Придётся запомнить.

Правильно: урок географии началсЯ

Если вдруг ваш учитель торжественно объявляет «урок начАлся», рекомендуем в следующий раз подарить ему орфоэпический словарь. В слове «началсЯ» ударение падает на последний слог, хотя в неопределенной форме глагола ударение стоит в другом месте --- «начАться». Лингвисты приводят такую закономерность: достаточно часто в возвратных глаголах ударение в прошедшем времени переходит на окончание. Например: начАться --- началОсь. Как и в предыдущем примере с «приняться». И даже если в орфоэпическом словаре рядом с вариантом «начАлся» будет стоять пометка «допустимо» --- не ведитесь на уговоры.

Правильно: Коля опять тупИт на математике

На математике затупить, то есть тормозить или долго соображать, легко. Если ты рождён писать эссе и сочинять стихи. А не формулы тут выводить или решать логарифмические уравнения. Но опять одни тУпят, а другие тупЯт. Ударение в глаголе падает на последний слог «тупИть». И в значении, когда хотим сделать что-то менее острым (затупить нож, например), и в значении, когда плохо думаем и ошибаемся. Но если мы говорим «потупить взгляд» --- то тут ударение меняется и падает на «У». Не перепутайте.

Правильно: родители избаловАли детей

Дети сами балуются. Да и родители балуют детей, даже если клятвенно обещают быть строгими ребятами. Вопрос в другом: как произносить --- избаловАть или избАловать? Если вдруг вы вспомнили коронное «А мы тут плюшками бАлуемся» от Карлсона --- срочно забудьте. К сожалению, Карлсон ошибся. Ударение в этом глаголе нужно ставить на третий или второй слог --- баловАть, балУю, баловАл --- независимо от значения слова: шалить или изнеживать. Это литературный вариант произношения, зафиксированный орфоэпическими словарями. Распространённый вариант с ударением на «а» тоже встречается в словарях, но с пометкой «не рекомендуется». Ещё раз: «Детей не стоит баловАть» и «Ты сильно его балУешь». А вот о человеке правильно говорить «балОванный» или «избалОванный».

Правильно: он принУдил родителей делать за него домашку

Принуждать --- плохо. Но мы и сами иногда пытаемся принудить себя к чтению или вовремя ложиться спать. Правда, некоторые принУдили, а другие --- принудИли. Большинство словарей утверждают, что единственный литературный вариант употребления этого слова --- «принУдить». Вот только в разговорной речи, даже по телевизору и по радио, всё чаще слышишь «принудИть». Сложно сказать, откуда у этой ошибки растут ноги. Вероятно, от привычки ставить ударение на последний гласный основы, особенно в глаголах на --ить (углубИть, включИть, кровоточИть). Но в нашем варианте так произносить неграмотно.

Правильно: на ЕГЭ по истории упростЯт задания

В русском языке много глаголов с «плавающим» ударением, но вот почему-то ошибки возникают в словах с неподвижным ударением. Давайте признаемся: все любят и не упускают возможности что-нибудь облЕгчить или упрОстить. Если в слове «принудить» ударение нужно ставить на корень, здесь всё наоборот: ударение падает на последний слог: я упрощУ, мы упростИм, он упростИл. То же самое и о глаголе «упростить»: «Учителя облегчИли детям домашние задания».

Правильно: Саша включИт свет в комнате

Не менее частый запрос в гугле с формулировкой «как правильно»: вклЮчит или включИт. При строгом литературном варианте с ударением на последний слог («включИт») существует разговорный «вклЮчит», который в новой редакции орфоэпического словаря русского языка указан как «допустимый», хотя раньше был под запретом. Но мы всегда за адекватную грамотность и между «допустимым» и «нормативным» выбираем, конечно, второй (и кофе в редакции «Мела» по-прежнему мужского рода).

Правильно: вот мы и дождалИсь выходных!

Выходные --- всегда хорошо. Лучше только длинные выходные. Тут история опять про два допустимых варианта ударения, один из которых предпочтительный. Сомневаетесь, они дождАлись или дождалИсь --- выбирайте вариант с ударением на последний слог. Так дожидаться правильнее. Глядишь, и каникулы скоро наступят. Или отпуск.

1992-2017. Moscow

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Perhaps, while I take a pause, so that all this my work does not disappear, I will save this material as a separate blog in Darknet (ZeroNet). I'll continue later. I hope this is interesting :) Lastly, two photos. Moscow in 1992 and Moscow in 2017 (again, my personal photo).

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