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Накопилось 346 фоток на 188Мб и 120 видео на 3.7Гб :) Синицы прилетают как на работу :D

motion_2018-02-06_11.47.27_492.jpg (1200x675)

motion_2018-02-07_16.03.51_325.jpg (1200x675)motion_2018-02-09_12.02.40_714.jpg (1200x675)motion_2018-02-08_11.53.18_709.jpg (1200x675)motion_2018-02-08_12.33.57_312.jpg (1200x675)​​​​​​​

Add "optional": "media/.*", to content.json of your blog folder and copy the related file to the folder media, then use the format below to insert video or audio. [ref]

For video:

<video src="media/What is GNU Linux.webm" controls preload="none" width="600" style="max-width: 100%;">Your browser doesn't support HTML5 video. Here is a <a href="media/What is GNU Linux.webm">link to the video</a> instead.</video>


<audio src="media/08 - Hunter - Milhaven.mp3" controls preload="none">
Your browser doesn't support HTML5 audio. Here is a <a href="media/08 - Hunter - Milhaven.mp3">link to the audio</a> instead.

preload="none" should be enough to prevent visitor from auto-downloading those large files when openning your blog, but to make it safer, also to avoid loading video widget everytime when opening the homepage, you can add --- (in Markdown mode) to hide them after "Read more" (Note: after saving the article, before sign and publish, refresh the page one time to make it work).

Edit: Also you need to ASCII-lize your file name or ZeroNet can't sign it, one nice tool is Python unidecode lib:

from unidecode import unidecode
unidecode(song).replace('!',''),  # "!" is not supported in optional file name

Test a video: What is GNU Linux.webm (4.8 MB, not a big file)

Test an audio file: Kismet_-we_are_all_so_busy.mp3 (5.1 MB, it's a big file ;)

Yet another method to run ZeroNet on Android :3 and this method is probably the most secure and energy friendly, which likely consumes less power than ZeroNet-kivy app.


Screenshot_2018-02-07-17-48-19.png (0x0)

How to install:

Root your device and install busybox. Download Linuxdeploy from Github or f-droid and install it. Set up a linux distro as you like (I use ArchlinuxARM), enable init and ssh in the config panel, run ssh with ConnectBot or Termux, etc, download necessary packages like python2-gevent, openssl-1.0 (ZeroNet doens't support the default openssl-1.1), python2-msgpack, then git clone ZeroNet, disable Chart plugin to save energy (unconfirmed), create an init script to auto-start ZeroNet next time. That's all :3 Then you just need to hit start button on Linuxdeploy and you can use ZeroNet in any browser with http://localhost:43110

init script example (add & to the end or the start process will get stuck):

#! /bin/sh
python2 --log_level INFO &

noob: O_O What the heck are you talking about? So complicated?

Do you know docker? Here is the tutorial for noob: Download this img file (coming soon^TM) and copy it to your Android sdcard (internal storage) root directory, install Linuxdeploy, change some options, hit the start button, then you can use ZeroNet in any browser with http://localhost:43110 ;)


  • Why is this method probably the most secure and energy friendly?

    Because your users.json (privatekeys) is inside an img file and can't easily get read by other apps which have internal storage permission. It's energy friendly because it simply uses linux kernel of Android for chroot and doesn't require any other library or software (like ZeroNet-kivy requires the bloated and buggy android-kivy).

  • That's cool, when will you release the img file?

    I don't know, because.. with my current setting the file is 2 GB, there is probably a way to reduce the size (compress or create it in a more flexible format).

  • Do I really need to root my device?

    Yes for Linuxdeploy, but there are probably some methods that don't require root permisson, like using Termux [ZeroNet-Termux script], but I can't confirm it. Note 1: From /r/zeronet/:

    I just use Termux. It was a bit of a pain to get setup because of some issues with the 3rd party install script, but once I got it working it's been solid and I've had no issues beyond performance slow downs probably due to my phone and not ZN/Termux itself.

    And here is Termux-ZeroNet script, still I can't confirm it :3

How fast it can be to build a fantastic zite (by a pro):

GitCenter - on Jan 25, 2018:

This isn't even beta, it is alpha. I've started developing it two days ago. But creating hubs is finished, adding articles (no editing yet, though) and viewing them is done. So in a week or so I will release.

Kaffie - on Jan 25, 2018: Damn that's fast. Definitely hyped for this.

GitCenter - on Jan 28, 2018: Kiwipedia Beta is up! [Kiwipedia discussion thread on ZeroTalkDev]

=== ===

空澄砂夜 - on Nov 26, 2017: 好的来做一个特化屏蔽能力的ZeroMe吧。

Polar - on Dec 04, 2017: You surprisingly have the patience to review ZeroMe code...

空澄砂夜 - on Dec 04, 2017 @Polar: Except I didn't. I just read dbschema.json and built from scratch.

空澄砂夜 - on Dec 10, 2017: A preview version of |><||> is now up at sakana.bit. Most operations are supported, but it is not possible to like posts, create profiles, or update profiles yet. Please keep in mind that this is prerelease software. Make sure your data is backed up before signing in [...]

С видео в ZeroNet более-менее устаканилось. Теперь в том же духе и в свете отказа от IPFS надо подумать о фотках. Первой мыслью когда-то у меня было выкладывать полноразмерные тяжёлые фото в IPFS, а в ZeroNet в блогах класть превью и ссылки на полноразмерный вариант в IPFS. Потом, во-первых, стало лениво делать это вручную, во-вторых, я разочаровался в IPFS и я начал выкладывать фотки как есть, средствами ZeroBlog. Т.е. средним размером. С одной стороны, это создаёт независимые, базирующиеся только на ZN зайты, с другой, создаёт приличные объёмы и не создаёт выкладывать полноразмерные фото, а они бывают иногда нужны :)

Сейчас думаю продолжить свой тренд делать всё средствами ZeroNet и для жирных фоток делать отдельные блоги-фотоальбомы. Лёгкость клонирования диктует не лепить всё в одну тяжёлую кучу, общий зайт со всем на свете, а делать отдельный клон под каждую атомарную порцию данных. Фотоальбом прекрасно под это подходит. Можно, конечно, делать совсем статический сайт, но тогда нельзя будет, например, комментировать его. Поэтому удобно задействовать ZeroBlog. А фотографии туда класть в виде обычного ZeroBlog-превью на 200k + полноразмер в виде опционального файла. Последнее, правда, пока потребует жёсткой ручной (то есть скриптовой, конечно) работы. Но получиться должно интересно.

В идеале, конечно, в ZeroBlog должна быть возможность делать такое автоматом. Загрузил фотку, а она вставилась не в уменьшенном виде, а в виде опционального полноразмера и так как сейчас.

Загадочную картину вчера в Москве наблюдали. Скачущая по московскому шоссе лошадь с тюбингом. Без всадника. Люди предполагают, что это лошадь одного из всадников Апокалипсиса, который выпал из седла. Судя по цвету, это конь вороной, который у Иоанна Богослова отвечает за голод и прочую экономику.

A mysterious picture was observed yesterday in Moscow. A horse galloping along the Moscow Highway with tubing. Riderless. People assume that this is the horse of one of the horsemen of the Apocalypse, which fell out of the saddle. Judging by its color, it is a black horse, which John the Apostle is responsible for hunger and other economics.

Really influence

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Do you want a real example of a really strong influence? A real propaganda? Imagine, your family in New York goes to bed. A daughter in Russian sings "V lesu rodilas' yolochka, v lesu ona rosla ...", then - "Malenkoy yolochke kholodno zimoy. Iz lesu yolochku vzyali my domoy". And you suddenly realize that the daughter does not know by heart "Jingle Bells" or "I Wish You A Merry Christmas" in your English. Have you imagined it?

Now my daughter before the bed sings in English "Jingle Bells" and "I Wish You A Merry Christmas". And she does not know our Russian New Year songs. Only a few lines. In part, this is my omission, I did not teach our Russian songs with her. At school they do not learn Russian songs. And in English lessons, obviously, they learn songs in English. But imagine the degree of influence of the West on Russia :)

And you - "Russian advertising looked 1000 people." Ugh!

hqdefault.jpg (480x360)

Зима в Москве

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Зеркалка внезапно починилась. Сегодня немного погулял по улице :)

2018-0206-1344-img_1701.jpg (1200x801)

2018-0206-1333-img_1664.jpg (1200x801)

2018-0206-1339-img_1684.jpg (1200x801)

2018-0206-1253_56.jpg (1200x850)​​​​​​​

Winter in Moscow

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My DSLR suddenly fixed itself. Today walked a little along the street :)

2018-0206-1344-img_1701.jpg (1200x801)

2018-0206-1339-img_1684.jpg (1200x801)

2018-0206-1333-img_1664.jpg (1200x801)

2018-0206-1253_56.jpg (1200x850)