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Changelog: November 8, 2018

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  • Added dark themes for ZeroTalk and ZeroMe, tuned ZeroHello and ZeroBlog based on feedback.
  • Log file got rotated daily, only keep last 5 files
  • Self hosted documentation with new design and lots of improvements: (Thanks to anoadragon453!)
  • Fixed sidebar input fields on mobile browsers
  • Support limiting maximum big file size using --bigfile_size_limit (useful for proxies)
  • Experimental proof-of-work based cert providers: More info
  • Reworked user master key notification, added download as file option. (Thanks DaniellMesquita for ideas)
  • Spawn site announce async with 10 second wait time to avoid stalled site announce loop
  • Added ZeroNet logo for top-right fixbutton (Thanks DaniellMesquita)
  • Css and Js versioning: {site_modified} variable for html files that always got replaced with the "modified" value of the site root content.json or with the current time if "This is my site" is enabled on the sidebar. Issue#1740
  • Remove missing optional files on cloning