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My ZeroNet Mobile Setup

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I host a ZeroNet node in a Raspberry Pi 2 in my home and by remote mode, all my mobile devices, including my laptop can use it.

I use the Linux Deploy app and create an independent node in my Yotaphone 2 (Android 5) and in background it can keep running for more than one day, though I always shut it down when I don't use it and only seed a dozen zites, everytime it costs 5-10 MB to update all zites, and the battery can probably last for about 8 hours if I keep surfing on ZeroNet with the eink screen.

Also I have my personal ZeroNet clearnet proxy running in a VPS. So I can securely access ZeroNet anywhere by any device.

So actually I can use 3 ZeroNet nodes at the same time with my phone :3

Btw, on the left panel of this blog there is link to ZeroNet Mobile Guide, if you didn't know it yet ;)


ZeroNet-Mobile-Battery.png (0x0)

The two screenshots show the battery life usage when running ZeroNet by Linux Deploy: left one shows that after keeping using ZeroNet for more than 1 hour, there was still 65% (5 hours) battery life left. Right one shows that after keeping ZeroNet running in the background for about 2 hours, there was still 61% (17 hours) battery life left.