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Changelog: April 4, 2018

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  • File server port randomization: In the past few days I got reports that the Great Firewall of China started blocking the ZeroNet protocol based on the port number and also using Deep packet inspection. Using the information and remote shells I got from other ZeroNet users (Thanks again) I was able to reproduce, debug and add a workaround for this restriction. One of the solutions is instead of using a fixed port (15441) your client will listen on a random port (10000-40000). (so please update to allow other clients behind of GFW connect to you)
  • Really enable implicit SSL connection by fixing a typo (doh)
  • Pack a websocket client to allow run any ZeroFrame API call from command line using. Eg.: siteCmd 1yoursite fileGet content.json
  • Command line sitePublish action using websocket connection instead of file server command.
  • Fix site Check files option to allow start seeding files not downloaded using ZeroNet
  • Fix optional file handling when a site has multiple files with the same hash_id (first 4 character of sha512 value)
  • Provide correct result for fileRules for not yet existent user files by using the currently selected certificate
  • Workaround for Chrome 66 Beta IFrame display bug
  • Use transform to scale progress bar instead of width to save some CPU time

Currently I'm working on a connection information page that will allow you to follow what's happening under the hood and get a better overview on possible errors. Eta: 1-2week