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New version: 0.6.2

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Local peer discovery plugin added to make ZeroNet work without an internet connection on the local network.

Other changes:

  • Handle and test out of range big file ajax requests (Thanks imachug for reporting)
  • Limit connections to 512 to avoid reaching 1024 limit on windows
  • Fix ZeroNet reliability issue when logging foreign operating system socket errors
  • Don't keep connection for sites that have not been modified in the last week
  • Allow dbQuey and userGetSettings using the as API command on different sites with Cors permission
  • Don't send private (local) IPs on pex
  • Don't connect to private IPs in tor always mode
  • Prefer recent peers from trackers
  • Change unreliable trackers to new ones
  • New config option: --log_level to reduce log verbosity and IO load