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CORS Kaffiene Bug Fix

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The latest update to ZeroNet blocks cross-site requests. So a few features of Kaffiene had to be removed. Fetching indexes from other sites (such as CensoredSearch and ZeroName) is no longer possible. ZeroWiki cards no longer can be displayed, due to being unable to fetch the .db file.

The local indexes have broken as well, but I went ahead and migrated them over to the ZeroNet api so those should be working. I also went ahead and updated the ZeroMe users index.

Sad day :(. Some other stuff broke too, like ZeroMovies, and the http://zero/ link testing on Kaffie.bit. I'll fix those in a bit.

- Kaffie

Edit: In the mean time, if you wish to use the ZeroWiki cards feature, you can do so by launching chrome with --args --disable-web-security --user-data-dir. That ignores CORS.