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After all this time, I finally set up Tor

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The 'error 61' or w/e in the corner of the Zeronet homepage always bothered me. I knew I wasn't running it in the most secure way possible, and with it, losing connection to many peers who use Tor mode. So I finally decided to set it up on my mac, and the whole process was surprisingly simple. Just a quick brew install tor, followed by modifying the tor config file. After that, just rebooting ZeroNet worked like a charm.

There's also something I stumbled upon that's like --tor always, what's the difference between that and simply launching without? Is it simply the difference between using just one tor connection, and running everything through tor (rather than only some stuff)? Which should I be doing? Either way, it's nice to know I'm finally on the 'full' Zeronet. Haha.

Unfortunately I don't have any update news for Kaffiene yet. However, Bwoi has come back with it's new 2.1 look. Go check it out if you haven't yet.

As always, thanks for using Kaffiene and following along here on this blog.

<3 Kaffie